Pro tips for seniors moving from New Jersey to Florida on a budget

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When you become a senior, and you get retired, all you want to do is a travel and relocate to a new place. Many seniors decide that it is the perfect time after they finish their work to start their lives in completely new surroundings. But even though you probably have financial resources for this, you should still do the moving part on a budget. There are many tips for seniors moving from New Jersey to Florida, for instance, on a budget. And you definitely need to follow them. Ask your children to help you organize a senior relocation and find professionals that will assist you the entire time.

Seniors moving from New Jersey to Florida should discuss the move with their children

Since you are older, you will need help. Don’t take this personally, because all seniors simply need it. This is the perfect opportunity to ask your children for help, and advice. You can take it in as a bonding time, instead of thinking about the helping part. Some seniors refuse help because they take it the wrong way. But bear in mind that even younger adults that are relocating for the first time need someone by their side.

Also, having that person will give you more free time for other things, and everything will be easier for you. You can ask your children to find you a moving company and to schedule everything. Movers like Van Express Movers will be open for a discussion until you find a perfect solution. Also, they should help you with the packing and the entire relocation process. Don’t even think about doing this on your own.

Elder woman asking for tips for seniors moving from New Jersey to Florida
Asking your kids for help is not embarrassing.

Declutter your home and donate things

Since you want to make this entire relocation happen on a budget, you need to be careful about how you handle everything. Some of the best tips for seniors moving on a budget are decluttering and re-selling or donating items. You may wonder how this makes any sense. Well, the answer is quite easy. The entire price for the move depends on the number of boxes that you have to relocate and their weight. It is not only about the distance. So, the less you have to relocate, the more affordable the relocation will be.

At the same time, you can also earn back some money. This is the part where re-selling things can help a lot. Even though you re-sell them for a small amount of money, in the end, it can mean a lot. Simply organize a garage or garden sale. If you don’t know how to use the internet, ask your kids to help you out.  By publishing things online, you can also make some nice profit. But be careful. Even though this sounds perfect and easy, there will be some mistakes to avoid. So, have your kids nearby, and prepare yourself properly.

Seniors moving from New Jersey to Florida on a budget should get packing supplies

A very important part of each relocation is packing. At the same time, it is the part that definitely lasts the longest, and takes the majority of your time. Now, to be able to pack your household, you will need to have some materials. And this is one of the moments where you can think about your budget and keep it low when it comes to expenses. First of all, there is always an option to use alternatives that you already have around your home for the relocation. But this is not that much convenient.

You can use suitcases and some large trash bags instead of boxes. And you can use some blankets or sheets for the fragile items instead of wrapping paper. However, that is not your only option. You can find affordable moving supplies around. Either ask your children to find it for you online, or do it yourself by researching some local stores, or even moving companies.

Two movers moving a couch.
Don’t even think about heavy lifting and relocating on your own.

Find the most affordable moving company for your needs

Relocating on your own would be a big mistake. Especially when you are a senior. And this should be on every list of top tips for seniors moving away. Believe it or not, but a DIY relocation is even more expensive than when you hire a moving company. When you ask experts to jump in and help you out, you will have so many advantages. Not only related to the price but because of everything else as well. They will finish everything much faster than you will, and there won’t be any mistakes happening along the way. Why take a risk when everything can be perfect?

Choose the exact date and time for the move

The price of the relocation can depend on various things. You are already aware of the fact that it depends on the weight and amount of your items. That is why you must know what to bring and what not to bring when moving. But did you know it also depends on the date and time of your relocation? Yes, you read that properly. If you relocate, for instance, in the middle of July, on a weekend, you will pay three times more than at the end of February, on a working day like Tuesday. Weekends and the middle of the month are always the most expensive choices. And when it comes to the season, summer is always the expensive one, while winter is the cheap one.

Happy senior couple hugging each other and smiling for the camera.
One of the tips for seniors moving from New Jersey to Florida is to worry about themselves and prepare for the cultural shock.

Remember that not everything is about the relocation

Try not to be that focused on the relocation. Not everything is about that. One of the tips for seniors moving from New Jersey to Florida is about the culture and emotional shock. You are a senior, after all. And you will move away from your family, or at least a big part of it. And you will come to new and unknown surroundings. You must think about yourself and prepare for this on time.

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