Guide to storing collectibles

Porcelain Coffee Service - Guide to storing collectibles

Collectors, regardless of the collection, face the age-old problem of storage. The larger the items, the harder it is to store them. For lifetime collectors, storage space is a must. Without it, the items may take over your home. So, here’s a guide to storing collectibles.

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Elder-friendly home design

Two elderly people holding hands in the street.

If you are an elderly person, or you are younger but you want to do something nice for your elders, then you’ve come to the right place! Homes aren’t usually designed with elderly people in mind. There are things in usual home designs that make it inconvenient for elderly people…

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Moving from Florida to Northern Virginia

A country road in Virginia, representing moving from Florida to Northern Virginia.

Have you considered moving from Florida to Northern Virginia? Sure, the Sunshine State has many benefits for its citizens; but sooner or later, everyone needs to mix things up and do something different with their lives. Which is why this sort of relocation is perfectly natural. But still; you don’t…

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