Mistakes to avoid when moving from Washington to Florida in 2022

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No matter how you look at it moving will give you a headache. When you complete the process and are in Florida, you will be happy! But before you reach Florida, many things can go wrong with your relocation. Miami Moving Guide will tell you the mistakes to avoid when moving from Washington to Florida in 2022. 

Don’t try and do things alone when moving from Washington to Florida in 2022 

The first mistake people make is tackling the relocation alone. It is not that they do not need help but find it hard to ask for any. You should swallow your pride and get someone to help you leave Washington. Having assistance will lessen your moving anxiety and make the process much more physically demanding and less time-consuming. There are three people you should turn to: 

  • First is your family. They will be happy to assist you with your move to Florida;
  • Second is your friends;
  • Finally, a professional moving company, but try to avoid moving scams when hiring a moving company. 
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Avoid moving from Washington to Florida in 2022 without movers.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a moving company 

People do not take looking for a moving company seriously. They want to get the task out of the way as fast as possible without setting any standards for a good moving company. Because they are not patient and do not want to research, they hire bad movers who are not up to the task. Here are the things people do not check when looking for a reliable moving company: 

  1. Avoid not reading reviews when moving from Washington to Florida in 2022. Try and pick a company with many evaluations, and they should be positive; 
  2. Not asking for experience, a reliable mover will have years of experience; 
  3. People do not ask the movers for the cost of their services and a free estimate;
  4. Finally, not checking if they are licensed. A moving company without a license can not provide insurance on your items. 

If you can not find movers that meet the above criteria, check out portabox.com for assistance. They provide various services and can assist you with your relocation to Florida. 

Avoid not organizing your time when relocating from Washington to Florida in 2022

The third mistake people make when moving is not organizing their time. They believe everything will go smoothly without a plan. And when things get messy during the packing process or any other moving task, they have no idea what to do. The best way to organize your time is with a moving timeline. If you want an accurate relocation timeline, create your own. Timelines will be different between a family move and a single-person move. We will give you an example so you can make your own Washington to Florida move timeline. 

  • First, set a moving date. 
  • Second, start working on your move at least two months before relocating to Florida. 
  • Two months before the move, begin looking for a moving company that will get you out of Washington and to Florida. 
  • Sever weeks before the move, start writing an inventory of your items in Washington. 
  • Six weeks before the relocation, start the decluttering process.
  • Five weeks before the move, notify your workplace and schools in Washington about your leave. And inform your job and schools in Florida of your arrival.  
  • Four weeks in, you should order moving supplies. 
  • Three weeks before the relocation to Florida, begin packing your home slowly. 
  • One week before the move arrange everything with your moving company. 
a timetable, learn why you need it when moving from Washington to Florida in 2022
A moving timetable will help you recuperate when things go sideways.

Trying to save money on moving supplies 

The fourth mistake people make when relocating is trying to save money on moving supplies. Trying to save money is not a big deal, but moving supplies is pointless because they are the least expensive thing about the move. It is better to try and save money on a moving truck or by not hiring movers. 

People try to save money on supplies by getting free boxes from local stores or reusing old ones. In most cases, that backfires because old and used boxes will not provide sufficient protection. They will open during transportation, and you will lose more money than you saved on moving supplies.  

Avoid Not decluttering when moving from Washington to Florida in 2022

When recoating, people skip decluttering and pack all of their stuff. But if you want your move to Florida from Washington to be more straightforward and cost less, decluttering is the best option. 

Your move will be more straightforward because there will be less stuff to worry about during the moving process. And since you have less stuff, your relocation will be cheaper. By having fewer items, you will need less money for moving supplies. Finally, moving companies set their rates by weight and volume. 

Therefore, donate all of your unwanted things, or even better, try and sell them to have extra cash to fund your move to Florida. 

Believing that the truck is the only way to transport your items 

Most people believe that the moving process goes like this – packing your household items and loading them on the truck that will transport your items to Florida. But using a big inefficient moving truck or van is not the only way your items can reach Florida from Washington. You can arrange a stress-free transfer by shipping your stuff from Washington to Florida. Leave your belongings in professional hands who will pack your items and send them to Florida without you having to rent a truck. Get on a plan for Florida and wait for your things to arrive.  

person packing a box
Professionals will securely pack your belongings and ship them to Florida for you.

You are ready to move to Florida from Washington 

We told you about the mistakes to avoid when moving from Washington to Florida in 2022. You only have to follow our instructions, and you will be in the Sunshine State in no time, especially if you have strict criteria when choosing moving companies.

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