What not to bring when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida

A woman is choosing between a jumper and a shirt.

If you live in Pennsylvania and you are looking for the perfect place to move to, there is no way that you’ll find something better than the popular Sunshine State. Located in the southeast part of the USA, and surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Florida made the best of its position. It has miles and miles of great beautiful beaches and the weather that everyone can only wish for. Knowing all this, it isn’t so strange that people from every part of the world at least once wished to come to live in Florida. However, if you do decide to move, there are some things you should know. This time we would like to point out the top things not to bring when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida.

1. Winter clothes

You may have heard that Florida is one of the most popular states among young Americans, seniors, and family people. There are many reasons for such statistics, but one of them that definitely wins the race is its climate. Being somewhere between tropical and subtropical, the climate in Florida promises hot summers and really mild winters. What’s more, people in Florida rarely experience low temperatures, and even more rarely do they see snow. When compared to Pennsylvania’s continental climate, where winters can be pretty cold and with a lot of snow, moving to the Sunshine State will be a kind of temperature shock. That would simply mean you should get rid of all your winter clothes once and for all. However, you can keep your favorite jumper and a jacket just in case you decide to visit your friends in Pennsylvania during the winter season.

A woman with a pink cap and a pink scarf as these items are definitely the things you are not to bring when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida.
Say ‘goodbye’ to the cold winters.

2. Winter sports equipment – things not to bring when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida

Skis, a snowboard, your kids’ sled- well, don’t bother to carry them with you on your Pennsylvania to Florida relocation. You simply won’t have a place to use them. Think about buying a nice surfboard instead, and enjoy all the merits of the Floridian beautiful beaches. Winter sports equipment should be something you can leave to your friends as a gift, or simply sell on the internet. However, if you are really so much in love with winter sports, and you can’t give up your expensive equipment, you really don’t have to. You can simply get yourself residential storage in Philadelphia, and leave things in a safe unit so that you can always have them at your disposal. Anyway, no matter which of these solutions you choose, paying for moving winter equipment from Pennsylvania to Florida would be a complete money waste.

3. Hope that all your incomes will not be taxed

Yes, income taxes are a huge burden for people in many states. They simply have to give up a part of their income, just because they need to pay taxes. However, when moving to Florida you will finally have a chance to live in a state that has no income tax at all. Great news, right? Still, there may be a little snag on your way.

Namely, every source of income that you get from the state of Pennsylvania is legally taxable in that state. And this is true even if you make the state of Florida your domicile. So if you have planned to finance your beautiful beach house by selling your house back in Pennsylvania, we are sad to say it may not get exactly the sum that you have planned. All the income you get from the sale will probably have to be taxed by the state of Pennsylvania itself.

A red pen on a white envelope.
You may not get rid of the income taxes.

4. Your medical documentation

If you are having some special medical treatment you used to get in Pennsylvania, and you need to continue getting it once you move to Florida, you should take this really seriously. This is because no matter what kind of medical documentation you bring with you, in Florida health providers will look upon them through the Florida statutory versions of these same documents. In most cases they will recognize them as valid, but, that is not the rule. You shouldn’t be surprised if by some chance your documentation is considered invalid and thus is refused. This is simply a precaution Floridian medical institutions have to take since they want to protect themselves from doing unauthorized medical treatments. They can never know who are they dealing with, and thus don’t want to risk too much.

Therefore, before you contact Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia and engage in the moving process, make sure you have checked whether or not your important medical documentation will work in Florida. The least you want is to risk your health condition or wait for your treatment, just because you were lazy to check everything twice in advance.

5. If you love beaches, you’ll probably go without your pet

Most people own a pet. And when the moment of relocation comes the most logical step is to take their pet animal with them to the new home. Moving with a pet is not an easy task, indeed. But, if you are moving from Pennsylvania to Florida, this may not be your only concern. In fact, the real problem may occur once when you decide to spend one nice relaxing day on one of Florida’s beaches. If you are used to taking your favorite animal friend everywhere with you, you won’t be happy to hear that many beaches in Florida actually do not allow animals.

So, it’ll be either relocating without them or learning to live with this fact. However, if you have a fish pet, you don’t have to worry. Just make sure you have prepared for the fish tank relocation the right way, and your beloved pet friend can come with you.

A man and a dog at the beach.
This is something you probably won’t be able to experience in Florida.

Now that you know what are the things that you should not bring when moving from Pennsylvania to Florida, you are ready to go. Let’s go and settle down in your dream place.

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