How to organize senior relocation from Florida to New York in two weeks

Downtown Manhattan, learn organize senior relocation from Florida to New York

Relocation is challenging for anybody. But as you get older, it gets even more difficult. It requires lifting heavy items and handling them with care. As a senior, you are not as strong as you used to be, and packing and lifting stuff can lead to injuries. And if you have to do it in two weeks, it can seem impossible. Miami Moving Guide will help you organize senior relocation from Florida to New York in two weeks.

Get help for your senior relocation from Florida to New York

As we already explained in the beginning, relocation can be difficult if you are older. The first thing you should do to make your relocation to NYC more comfortable is to get assistance. When it comes to finding help, there are two options: 

  1. You can ask friends or family to help with your senior relocation from Florida to New York;
  2. Hire reliable movers who have experience with senior moving. 
black and white photo of holding hands
Senior relocation from Florida to New York will be easier if you have help from friends or movers.

Asking friends and family should be your first thought when you have to execute a fast move. If you only have older friends, they might not be of any help to you. Therefore you should immediately turn to your family members. Your family members will be younger than you and can help with the move more. In addition, your family members might ask their friends to assist you with leaving the Sunshine State and getting to the Big Apple. However, if your family is unable to help, the possibility of hiring professional movers remains. There are many criteria when choosing movers, though. We will talk about how to find the perfect movers to get you to NYC in the next part. 

Picking the right movers to get you to the Big Apple 

If you don’t have the “free” help secured, you should look into some professionals. Choosing movers can be difficult, especially if you do not know where to begin. Follow the tips below to find the perfect senior movers to help you leave Florida for NYC. 

  • First, keeping up with the theme is asking friends for a recommendation. Specifically, ask your elderly friends for suggestions. If they had any experience with a moving company, your work is complete. In two weeks, you will be on your way to New York hassle-free. 
  • Second, the internet is your friend. Many older people find the internet daunting. But if there is a place where you can get all the information about moving companies, it is there. If you are not tech-savvy, you can ask your grandchildren to help you. They are glued to their phones. There, the main criteria are reviews. The more positive reviews, the better the moving service. Do not worry about fake reviews. They are usually rare. 
  • Finally, when you have a list of potential hires, schedule an interview to tell them if you have any special conditions. For example, if you have vintage furniture that needs extra attention. 
man in blue shirt in front of moving van
A reliable moving company “hold your hand” until you reach the Big Apple from Florida.

But if you do not want to go through all the work above, you can check out as your potential moving company. They are local to NYC and can get you out of Florida fast. 

Purge before your senior relocation from Florida to New York 

When you have the right people to assist with your move to NYC from Florida, you can move on to decluttering. Decluttering is beneficial in two ways:

  1. If you declutter, you can make your relocation a lot easier. You will have a lot less packing and a lot less stuff to move;
  2. And if you have less stuff, you will pay less money on moving services and moving supplies. Because you have less weight and volume, movers will charge less for their services.

To get all the benefits above, here are the ways you can declutter. 

  • Again, turn to your friends and family and ask them if they want to take any of your unwanted belongings. 
  • You can be charitable and donate some of your furniture or old clothes. 
  • Finally, selling them is also an option. If you want to do a little less work, ask your family members to sell them on the internet. But if they are too busy, there is always the old-fashioned garage sale. The minimum thing you can ask your family members is to post about it on social media.  
A sign that says GARAGE SALE
If you do not want to deal with the internet, organize a garage sale to get rid of your items.

If you do not have any luck decluttering your home, there are other options, as well. You can get storage service in NYC and leave your items in a safe unit you can get rid of them. 

Supplies, packing, and loading the truck for your NYC move

Now that you have dealt with the extra stuff in your home, you need to get them into the moving truck and on their way to New York City. 

You can buy moving supplies in a store like U-Haul or Home Depot or let the moving company you hired provide them. If you are buying them, make sure to get a lot of wrapping materials, different-shaped boxes, and sturdy plastic containers for fragile items. 

Packing is straightforward. Line all of your boxes with packing paper or bubble wrap and put heavy items first. You can pack light items yourself and let movers deal with bulky furniture or electronics. 

Loading the truck is not a job you or your friends and family members should do alone. A moving truck can be pretty high, and you can not lift that high. Let movers load it with their specialized equipment. They will use, for example, hand trucks and panel lifters, which make their job extremely easy. After all, they have to do this every day and need to save their back. 


If you follow our advice, your senior relocation from Florida to New York will be a piece of cake. We hope you get used to New York City life fast because it is quite different than Florida’s.

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