How to pack and move liquors

Liquor Bottles - How to pack and move liquors

Moving with liquor collection could be complicated. You must pack these fragile items and handle them safely. But, you also need to transport them and keep in mind all the legal restrictions that come with moving alcohol. So, here’s how to pack and move liquors properly.

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Guide to storing collectibles

Porcelain Coffee Service - Guide to storing collectibles

Collectors, regardless of the collection, face the age-old problem of storage. The larger the items, the harder it is to store them. For lifetime collectors, storage space is a must. Without it, the items may take over your home. So, here’s a guide to storing collectibles.

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Should you move while pregnant?

Woman making a heart shape with her hands on her stomach

A house move while pregnant can be quite stressful and overwhelming, however not impossible. Although nausea and fatigue might be present, there are multiple ways one can lessen the stress of relocation. With a solid and easy to follow the plan, doctor’s advice, help from family and friends, and professional…

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