Guide to storing collectibles

Porcelain Coffee Service - Guide to storing collectibles

Collectors, regardless of the collection, face the age-old problem of storage. The larger the items, the harder it is to store them. For lifetime collectors, storage space is a must. Without it, the items may take over your home. So, here’s a guide to storing collectibles.

Categorize collectibles

You can accumulate many collectible items over the years in your home.  So, sometimes the one allocated bedroom or cabinet is not enough space to put it all on display. And that’s why people rent a storage unit in Miami. The first step in this guide to storing collectibles is categorizing. Identify all the collections that are worth hanging onto for years to come.

Anime Figure Collection - Guide to storing collectibles
Follow this guide to storing collectibles and categorize them.

Guide to storing collectibles – Split your collections up

Sort through your collections and pick out the best one. Then, display within your home. You can put Corgi toy collectibles in professional glass display cabinets. Then, you can place dolls on shelves, and trading cards can be professionally framed. 

So, pick out the top and most display-worthy pieces to keep in the home. Put the rest into a storage unit. But, make sure you know how to choose the perfect storage unit in Miami. The more organized your display is, the more appealing the collection will be.

Pack collectibles with quality preservation in mind

Collectibles must be stored properly to maintain them in pristine condition. You can’t expose wood to excessive moisture or China collections to the risk of a fall from the slightest of heights. Proper packaging materials are required for protection. You can place collector cards inside poly pockets. Then, put inside a ring binder and protective dividers between the cards to prevent any folds or wrinkles.

When storing fragile items, make sure you pack them tightly with bubble material. Also, you can try foam packaging either solid or loose. It is more suited to packing glassware, and ornamentals with unique shapes. Ensure the entire product is protected and no corners left exposed.

Guide to storing collectibles – Choose a secure and safe storage unit 

When you pack your boxes and protect collectible items, it is time to find proper storage. So, learn how to find self-storage unit spaces near you. But, make sure you choose the one with easy access to collect or add to your collections. Container storage units with ventilation are perfect for collectibles. They are out of everyday exposure, packed away safely and securely, and with easy access for you.

Make sure you choose the right storage facility.

Tips for storing collectibles in storage

Packing a storage unit is often challenging. Especially when it comes to collectibles. First, you must consider the facility’s rules and regulations in terms of what you can and can’t store. Then, use these tips for packing a storage unit like a pro.

  • Use storage boxes for magazines and programs.
  • Maximize the height of the unit by adding more shelves and tall racks. However, don’t overload them because it could fall and cause damage.
  • Prioritize ease-of-access. So, plan the layout of your storage unit by placing a walkway in the middle. This way you can easily reach items at the back.
  • Place heavier items at the bottom to minimize collapses.
  • If you’re storing many collectibles, create a list. So it will be easier to find what you are looking for.
  • Label everything

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