The simplest way to pack your household for a move from New Jersey to Florida

Couple packing for a move wondering about the simplest way to pack your household for a move from New Jersey to Florida

You decided to book a move from NJ to Florida, but don’t know where to start? Well, you should obviously start by packing. Even though moving is a thrilling experience, packing your home may be a difficult job. We’ll break down packing your household into manageable chunks and provide handy tips. That way, when the movers arrive, you’re not still tossing things into boxes. Now, let’s see what our experts from Miami Moving Guide consider the simplest way to pack your household for a move from New Jersey to Florida!


Although it may appear to be the most apparent place to start, getting rid of things you don’t want to move is crucial before you begin packing. You don’t want to waste time packing items into boxes if you’ll wish you had just given them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill a few weeks or months later. So, where do you begin decluttering?

Couple packing for a move
To simplify your packing, you will have to declutter!

Work room-by-room, beginning with the most important stuff. Anything big and huge that won’t fit in your new house or won’t match the new design will have to leave. This includes side tables, lamps, desks, and anything else. Sticky notes should be used to label these goods, or you can put them all in one room or one part of the house. Last, go through the attic, basement, and storage closets. These rooms are generally loaded with sentimental things and might be the most difficult to declutter.

Go room-by-room

The best method to pack your house, according to experts, is to do it room by room. The order in which you approach those rooms, on the other hand, is debatable. Moving and packing companies frequently advise that you begin in one corner of the home and make your way to the opposite corner in a logical manner.

With that in mind, you’re free to pick whichever strategy suits you best, choose whatever room to begin with, and go in any sequence you like. While we’re starting with the kitchen, you might start with the living room. It’s entirely up to you! You can even hire movers to help you prepare for the endeavor of the pack and move process for your move from New Jersey to Florida! The rooms that need to be covered are:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Living room
  • Home office
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom


The kitchen, oh my! Cookies are baked here, and onions are diced. Remember that the kitchen is the most difficult area to pack and, as a result, takes the longest. The majority of the goods in this section are fragile, pointy, or come in unusual forms and sizes. When packing your kitchen appliances you should know what comes first, so your appliances arrive in Florida in one piece!

Girl labeling a box
Labeling your boxes while you are packing will make unpacking after the move from New Jersey to Florida much easier!

Dining room

Every dining room is a bit different from the next. Maybe it’s just a table and chairs off the kitchen, or maybe it’s a formal dining hall with candles and hutches brimming with china and crystal. Instructions will change depending on the type of your dining area.

Living room

The den or living room is most likely your haven of relaxation – a place where you can truly unwind. However, packing it might be a challenge. It might be difficult to get all of the objects in your den and living room ready for a move, especially if there are a lot of gadgets, artwork, or fragile lighting.

Home office

Are you staring at your desk, unsure of the best method to pack for a move? We understand. The typical home office is a pile of documents, important souvenirs, and décor. Begin by packing the objects that are simplest to pack first, such as books, carpets, and random stuff on your desk and shelves.


Do you shudder when you glance at your closet and think of folding all those clothes? Whether it’s hidden beneath the bed or shoved to the back of our closets, there’s generally more in our bedrooms than we realize. The advantage of dressers is that you can put your clothes in the drawers. There’s no need to unpack them; simply tape them together so nothing falls out during transportation.


It’s likely that packing up the bathroom is the most straightforward task in the house. The bulk of your cleaning products, as well as cosmetic chemicals like nail polish remover, will not be moved by moving firms. If you wish to maintain your restroom supplies, place them upright in a solid plastic tub and cover them with packing paper or wrap to protect them from shifting while being transported in your own car.

Girl holding a box
Pack your home office logically, and it will be done in no time!

What not to pack for your move from New Jersey to Florida

There are a number of items that movers will not transport. Although the list will vary significantly depending on the moving company you use, here are some frequent things:

  • Dangerous materials – In a nutshell, everything flammable or possibly explosive is a part of this category. From housecleaners to battery acid, you shouldn’t bring anything with you.
  • Perishables – Milk, yogurt, and other perishable foods will not be moved by moving companies.
  • Family heirlooms – Anything valuable to you, from jewelry to photo albums, shouldn’t be trusted to your movers. Even though they will move it safely, why take the risk. This group also includes any important or sensitive documents! If you find a reputable mover like, make sure to ask them if they will move your heirlooms for you.
  • Plants – Most movers won’t accept moving plants, especially for a long-distance move from NJ to FL!

Hiring movers

Hiring professional movers will help you ease the process. However, when hiring movers, make sure that you are hiring the right ones. Do proper research and read online reviews to make sure that you found the right moving company for your move from New Jersey to Florida! Because of that, you should know how to prepare your things for a long-distance move like a pro! That way your things will be safe for transit!

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