How to pack and move liquors

Liquor Bottles - How to pack and move liquors

Moving with liquor collection could be complicated. You must pack these fragile items and handle them safely. But, you also need to transport them and keep in mind all the legal restrictions that come with moving alcohol. So, here’s how to pack and move liquors properly.

Check your inventory

Check inventory of bottles and decide what you want to move. Liquor bottles are heavy. So, if you’re paying per pound to relocate them, consider what is and what isn’t worth relocating. If moving on a budget is what you want, consider giving some liquor bottles away to friends and family. This way you’ll have less to relocate and automatically your move will be cheaper. 

Wine Bottle - Pack and move liquors
Before you pack and move liquors determine what will you relocate.

How to pack and move liquors – Get packing supplies

The only way to avoid damaging your liquor is to use the proper packing materials. Only with them, you’ll have your liquor and wines ready in no time for moving. Usually, alcohol stores have specialty boxes you can use for moving drinks. But, you must verify that those boxes offer good protection for the glass bottles. So, when searching, look for the box with additional padding layers on the inside. Also, ticker cardboard offers better protection of the bottles. Furthermore, styrofoam dividers are a good investment to protect the bottles when moving. It prevents the bottles from knocking against each other in the transport. You can also use pads or blankets between them and prevent breaking. 

If you’re relocating a wine collection, lay the bottles down on their side or turn them upside down when moving. It ensures that the corks are protected from moisture. Also, any box with alcohol bottles should be labeled as fragile. 

Make space a priority

When moving liquor, focus on cushioning and spacing. Provide a little space between each bottle so they can move around without knocking into each other. Also, packing bottles side by side is a great idea. If you want to layer bottles in the box, add extra layers of cushion between them. But, do this only if the boxes are extra durable. 

Also, if you’re moving the bottles inside of a moving truck, make sure they are far away from anything that could fall on them and cause them to shatter.

Bottles Basket
You must properly pack liquors when moving.

How to pack and move liquors – Moving liquor

When moving liquor, there are some important factors to keep in mind. 

  • Find out if movers will transport your liquor. You see, there are the surprising things your movers won’t move. The moving alcohol policy varies by company and by state law. Therefore, to avoid trouble, contact the Alcohol Beverage Control authorities of the state in which you’re planning to relocate. Secondly, ask movers if they can move liquor. If the policy prohibits it, you may have to move the bottles in your vehicle.
  • Consider using climate-controlled vans for expensive liquor. Factors like extreme temperatures, humidity, and light exposure can damage the liquor quality and flavor. So, if movers agree to transport alcohol, inquire about a climate-controlled moving van. 
  • Moving liquor internationally. If you’re moving overseas, find out the customs regulations in the new country for importing alcohol. Perhaps you must pay a duty tax on alcohol. So, except if you own a particularly valuable liquor collection, it may not be worth the cost to ship it to another country.

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