Moving from Colorado to the Sunshine state – packing tips

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You are moving. Exciting times lay ahead. Your new life awaits. You see golden beaches and sun-kissed mornings, you can imagine the palm trees and hear the waves, you can taste the salt in the air as you notice…your living room and everything it’s comprised of. Suddenly your thoughts make a sharp turn and start painting a completely different picture. One where plans need to be made and schedules met. There is one obstacle standing between you and your new life in Florida. The little matter of actually moving from Colorado to the Sunshine state. Whilst relocating offers the promise of something better, the actual relocating part can be tricky. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at our packing tips as you prepare to leave the Centennial and head over to the Sunshine state.

From skiing on the snow to water skiing

It’s a little warmer in Florida. Shocking, I know. The only mountains you will be seeing is when you are perusing through the old family album. The new albums will have sand instead of snow and swimsuits instead of ski suits. This leads us to our first piece of advice. A change of wardrobe could be in order. With over 300 days of sunshine per year, some of your winter clothes could be left looking a little obsolete. You could consider selling or donating part of your winter attire. This could save you a lot of space and time when it comes to packing.

Top view picture of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Not quite the snowy mountain tops you’re used to, right?


Keep in mind, hiring professional movers does not mean everything is magically taken care of for you. There are things you should and should not do when movers pack your belongings for you. Work in unison with the company and avoid potential hick-ups.

What the above also implies is that some apparel will gain importance, as you will be needing it more than ever after your relocation from Colorado to Florida. Let’s make a quick checklist of your new essentials:

  • Sunglasses- see above.
  • Swimsuit- see the previous point.
  • Flip-flops- you probably get the gist of it by now. These are all items you will be getting a lot more use out of once you move from Colorado to the sunshine state.
  • Breathable clothing- generally, everything you would pack and store away once autumn rolled around, will now be seeing a lot more use, almost all year round.

When it comes to packing, whether for a getaway weekend or life-changing, family relocating, logistically challenging move to a new state, always start with the basics. What do I need, what are my essentials? What don’t I really need, can I leave it behind? Seems simple, but we are sentimental creatures. I still keep my favorite sweater in my bottom drawer. The one with the stain on the back. The one I haven’t been able to fit into for years now.


Clothes are nice, but what do you do with the rest of your things when moving from Colorado to the Sunshine state?

The main idea is that you need to be aware of what is essential and what is not. If you are moving to a furnished house in Florida, it would make sense to only take a family heirloom with you and leave the rest. Avoid packing flammable materials. This goes for food too, as in most cases, the majority of it will not survive the trip. You might pack some bananas at the start of this journey, but what you get after it transits half the country is something completely different. The same, easily applicable rule goes for everything you own. Do I really need it? Will it be of use in my new home or will it lose its utility?


Reliable Movers- Making moving from Colorado to the Sunshine State a breeze


You have decided what goes and what stays. It’s time to move on to the more practical side of the project. Even with a narrowed-down list, it can be quite daunting planning the packing and relocation of so many things some 2000 odd miles. Interstate moves can be a hassle. Professional companies such as Homegrown Moving Company can step in to help. When planning your packing, you should strongly consider involving some outside help in the form of a moving company.

Now, DIY moves can be courageous.

DIY moves can be catastrophic. This is why movers exist. An interstate move such as the one you are planning, all the way from Colorado to Florida, is no mean feat. You can formulate the perfect plan, but, you know what they say about the best-laid plans? Interstate moving is a tricky business and you need to do everything you can to make the process go smoothly. Partner up with the experts and rest assured that this move will be a pain-free one.

A pile of unorganized boxes and belongings when moving from Colorado to the Sunshine state.
Maybe best to let the pros help?

Checklists, boxes, checklists, labels and did we mention checklists?

Carefully choose what boxes you will use, they need to be up to the task. Quality, size, durability, this is not an area where you should be trying to cut costs. Labeling almost goes hand in hand with our cardboard buddies. A box is just a potential problem until you take that magic marker and give it a name. With a proper label, you avoid problems with organizational matters and unpacking down the line.


Storage is vital

Another quick point to make is about storage. If you will be using a storage unit, make sure you check out the conditions, if they are too humid or damp, this could damage your belongings.

Feels like we missed out on something in our checklist. It’s on the tip of my tongue. Let me just check the list…there it is! Maybe I am trying to hammer in the point a bit too hard, but checklists are your best friends. There is a lot to keep track of. Fortunately, they are good at doing just that!

Laptop near a notepad and checklist
Stay organized and moving from Colorado to the Sunshine state can be as simple as 1,2,3!


Quick Tips for your relocation from Colorado to Florida

A lot of essentials can be easily overlooked on moving day. Let’s take a look at a few more tips that could help save some time, and nerves, utilizing our new word of the day:

  • Main baggage vs hand baggage –  Moving from Colorado to the Sunshine State does not, maybe even counterintuitively, end when we move from Colorado to the Sunshine state. Unpacking is a reality of the process. Place essentials in your hand baggage. It makes the first few days easier.
  • Fragile items- This one seems simple enough, but can easily slip your mind. Things such as cupboards and dressers need to be unpacked prior to being packed themselves. Anything that is made of glass or is prone to breaking, or contains something valuable (perfume is a good example as it checks all the boxes) should be taken out and packed safely. In case you have the original packaging, that would be ideal.
  • Valuables- In the same vein, if you have the original boxes, that would come in very handy at this point. If not, acquire appropriate packing materials, ones that will keep your precious possessions safe during that long track across the country.
  • Lack of time- The unpredictability of life can sometimes blindside us. What if you need to move from Colorado to Miami on short notice, for example? Stay calm. A lot of the rules we’ve laid out here remain applicable, it just means you have a tighter time frame, so stay cool and collected and approach the matter systematically. You’ll be fine.


Moving from Colorado to the Sunshine state can be an unpredictable journey, but we can affect how smooth the ride is

Arm yourself with a bit of patience, take what you have read here and use it in a way that makes moving from Colorado to the Sunshine state a smooth affair. With the proper approach, packing for this occasion need not be a list of potential mishaps, but rather, it can relax. Relaxing, as you are safe in the knowledge that all the necessary precautions have been taken. Just don’t forget to pack your swimsuit in that hand baggage, you deserve that quick dip in the water before you start with the unpacking proper!

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