Why you should move to Miami and what places to visit

the city of Miami

So, you have decided to move to Miami, or you are thinking about it, and you are wondering what makes this city special. Well, look no further, because your questions will be answered here. Miami is the second largest Florida city and one of the most popular cities to live in the USA. When you visit the wonderful,pristine beaches of this city, you will really feel its charm. The weather is a summer paradise and if you dread the winter, this is the city for you. This city is so rich in content, that you will never be bored. You can enjoy museums, aquariums, tropical gardens while you are sipping your Cuban coffee. You will love the urban landscape as well as the charm of the smaller neighborhoods. We will list some of the reasons why you should move to Miami and suggest some places to visit.

Why you should move to Miami and what places to visit
You will love the wonderful city of Miami

Move to Miami if you are a beach lover

I you love beaches and beach fun, this city is you Mecca. Here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the USA, and we dare say it, in the world. The most popular beaches are Miami Beach and South Beach. If you are a fan of more secluded beaches than 85th Street Beach and  Virginia Key beach are the right choices for you. Where there is a good beach, there are beach activities.On Miami beaches you can try almost anything. There are extreme water sports for young people who crave adventure. If you just want to relax there are hiking trails and a visit to an old famous lighthouse. If you want to make the kiddies happy, you can hunt for colorful shells with them.

Why you should move to Miami and what places to visit
You will love the beaches of Miami

Enjoy the perfect weather

The Magic City, as they call Miami, has the perfect weather. It has a tropical climate and it is enjoyable all year round. The lowest temperature is 16 Celsius and the highest is 26 degrees Celsius. This is especially important for people who hate the cold winter weather and snow. Actually you will be able to spend most of your days in summer clothes. Your heaviest coat is going to be a sweatshirt.  Can it get better than that ?

Low priced real estates

If you think that buying or renting a piece of real estate in Miami is too expensive, you are wrong. Even though this city is an extremely popular destination you will not go bankrupt if you decide to buy or rent a home here. For example, for 2000$ you could rent a small and old apartment in New York. In Miami 2000$ will get you a huge place with a perfect ocean view and high ceilings, close to all of the important places in the city.

You will be free of some taxes

If you hate taxes, and let;s not kid around, who doesn’t, Miami is a place of your liking. Here are some of the taxes you can forget about

  • There are no income taxes
  • You can forget about inheritance taxes
  • You will get rid of those estate taxes

This is a great way to save your hard earned dollars and invest in something lucrative.

Miami has a great health care

This city is a perfect place for you if you want to stay healthy. You life quality can only improve if you decide to move to Miami. This city is one of the cleanest cities in the USA. Actually, in 2008 in was officially declared the cleanest city in the USA. Recently it has become the fourth healthiest city in the States. The health system is great, and you will find that some of the best clinics will provide you with the perfect care.

Best places to visit in Miami

Miami is a synonym for diversity and fun. There are so many places to visit and choose from, that you will not know where to start. We have decided to suggest some interesting and places to visit after you move to Miami. Whatever choice you make you will not go wrong. Enjoying yourself  is a guarantee in this city.

Have a taste of Cuba in little Havana

Who says that you have to go all the way to Cuba to feel the spirit of this country. In Miami’s Little Havana you will  taste Cuba because by many Cuban immigrants settled here. You can find Cuban cigars and enjoy the sounds on Cuban music. Moreover,  the Mediterranean style houses and the wonderful architecture will amaze you. When you see people play dominoes in the Domino Park, you will think were teleported to Cuba.In addition, at the Ball & Chain club you can dance to the beats of salsa while you sip on Cuban cocktails infused with the best rum,  like Pastelito Daiquiri or the Canita. 

Why you should move to Miami and what places to visit
Feel the spirit of Cuba in Miami

Visit the Deering Estate

This place was built as a winter getaway house in the old Spanish style and it will fascinate you. The structure of the famous Stone House will amaze you. What is interesting about this estate is the fossil pit that has Paleo- Indian remains that are 10,000 years old. Furthermore, it contains 50,000 year old animal bones.

Enjoy the Lincoln Road Mall

If you want to experience some urban glamour you should definitely visit the Lincoln Road Mall. Morris Lapidus, an ingenious architect, built this place in the 1950’s. It is called the  “Fifth Avenue of the South,” for good reason. You can drink coffee at fancy coffee bars, snack at wonderful restaurants and shop like an aristocrat. In addition to the Alchemist, there are many more high class, fancy stores and boutiques you will enjoy. If you are up for a show and need some cultural entertainment you should go to Colony Theatre which has a glamorous and luxurious garage.

Visit the Fairchild tropical botanic garden

The most noteworthy thing about Miami is it’s tropical weather. This is a place where you can find tropical trees and flowers.You can enjoy them if you visit the Fairchild tropical botanic garden. This place is like a tropical paradise with exotic flowers you will fall in love with. You don;t have to go to the  Amazon to see a rainforest. Just come to Miami.

Why you should move to Miami and what places to visit
Find your piece of tropical paradise 

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