Moving to Miami on a Budget – Is it Possible?

Moving to Miami without any money is doable. You just have to give up on some things.

So, it’s been your lifelong dream to live in Miami. Just that. Find a way to build your life there, meet the love of your life, a nice house (close to the beach, preferably), open a small bar perhaps… Well, guess what – you’re not the only one. Moving to Miami is a dream of many. And it is, in fact, a dreamy place to live in. Of course, it has some downsides, but overall if you asked the majority of people to relocate there they would probably say yes. I was no different. Got up to the point in life where everything somewhat went downhill – lost my job, lost my better half and I genuinely had enough with Michigan. So I started exploring my options since I knew I wanted to go down to Miami – I just didn’t really have the money for it.

Moving to Miami without any money is doable. You just have to give up on some things.
Moving to Miami with no cash is not impossible. Just difficult at times.

Moving to Miami While Low on Cash

It was a painful experience, not knowing anything, and just diving through mud, but it worked… Eventually. I’d like to talk to you boys and gals and give you an idea of how you could make it possible, hopefully with far less trouble than I had. It’s still difficult – but highly doable!

Miami is a melting pot of cultures and the things it offers are endless. There are dozens of fortune 500 companies, so you could even kick-start your career! The main and only obstacle is your lack of funds, but don’t fret. You’ll figure it out!

You’ll Want to Sell your Car

Yep, I know. Sounds painful, and dropping that baby of yours is – but you have to make some sacrifices. The thing about this little project is that you want to spend as little as possible. Miami is very well organized as far as public transportation goes. The city is pedestrian friendly and bike friendly. So take the most out of that gorgeous weather and sea-side and travel ‘light’. Miami is considered to be the 8th most walkable large city in America!

So Unless you are living on the outskirts which will force you to have a car, drop the car – grab that money and invest it into the relocation. Plus, there will be no more car payments, insurance, fuel or parking! You’ve almost saved up a months rent!

Get a Room!

No pun intended. Your best bet would be to start off by getting a cross country moving company. Miami is terrible when it comes to parking, and if you’re doing this all on your own you might end up leaving your truck on the street while you carry your stuff upstairs, then run to it downstairs, etc. Saving money is one thing, going through hell is another.

Grab the money you saved by getting rid of your car and just this once spend it on the moving company. Also, try to find some cheap storage area (not too cheap, it still needs to have a door that can be locked) and rent a room. Or possibly a cheap hotel you can rent for a longer period of time (getting a discount of a sort). Do this and then carefully take your time exploring the place and finding the right neighborhood for you. You’re going to be looking at price, safety, quality of life, etc.

You have to understand that there are a lot of high-quality neighborhoods in Miami, and you need time to explore your options. This way you’ll be buying that time cheaply.

Also, there are affordable moving companies in Miami that will not scam you. Use their services, it’ll be better for you.

Be a Free-Loader… At Least for a Little While

The point is to spend as little money as possible while moving to Miami, since little is all you’ve got. Everything I am suggesting in this article is aimed towards having you spend little to no money. When your career and other sources of money get a moving, you won’t have to do half of these things. Again, only if you’re as broke as I was when moving here should you adhere to these tips.

Moving to Miami with little money means you'll have to cut down on many things!
You have to save wherever you can!

So there’s a few things that we are spoiled with in the 21st century, and you will want to have access to them. The first one is, you’ve guessed it, internet. Free Wi-Fi is almost a myth in Miami and can usually be found in cases where old people would get internet and forget to password protect it. Otherwise, your best bet would be to snipe out coffee shops that give out a free signal. Unfortunately, most coffee shops will force you to do a purchase before letting you use the Wi-Fi. A tip is, if you’re not patient enough walking around trying to find internet, public libraries will be your next best bet. All public libraries have free Wi-Fi. In this case – free is good!

Happy hour! Okay, so you’ll be working a lot, living cheap and saving money – but you need to  breathe a little, at least once in a while. This is where the happy hour kicks in! This will allow you to both have a little fun, have a few drinks and mingle a bit in order to meet new people! The trick is to know the best happy hour locations in the city. Area 31, Duffy’s Tavern, Bar Louie, just to name a few.

Free Stuff to Do

Again, free is your friend in the project of moving to Miami broke. Everything that is free – we’ll take it! Sometimes you’ll need things to do without spending any money. Again, you’re only human. What you can most usually enjoy are long or short walks around the city and in the gorgeous parks Miami has to offer. There are also a few locations you can enjoy – for free! Such locations include the Miami Art Museum, Miami Botanical Garden, Gold Coast Railroad Museum and the vast majority of art galleries. Plus, there’s a bunch of pretty guys and girls mingling at such galleries, if you catch my drift.

Moving to Miami with little money will force you to give up on many things - but enjoying Miami is priceless!
Good luck! You got this!

Hey, I know it isn’t easy. But it is highly doable. Have fun, and best of luck to you! And remember, moving to Miami is the name – saving money is the game.

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