Best neighborhoods to live in Miami

There are plenty of great areas in the city so choosing the best neighborhoods to live in Miami can be difficult.

This is the second part of our list of neighborhoods in Miami that have been ranked as best on numerous occasions. If you haven’t read the part one, we advise that you read about the best areas to live in Miami. If you have, we hope that you will enjoy the second part of the list just as much as the first one. So, as you’re debating on where you should relocate to in Miami? Which are the best neighborhoods to live in Miami? We’re bringing you some more options and statistics of the areas. As well as some beautiful videos from which you will be able to get a feel for these places.

One of the places we suggest for living in Miami is Downtown Miami

If you're choosing the perfect neighborhood in Miami for your family, there's plenty to consider!
Which are the best neighborhoods to live in Miami? You pick!

While your thoughts after hearing Downtown might go straight to tons of traffic, shops, malls, people rushing by and generally, a mess, we’re here to chase that terrible image away. Downtown Miami is definitely an urban center of the city, with shops, boutiques, bars, and bistros. This neighborhood is composed of the Central Business District, the Brickell Financial District, Historic District, Government Center, Omni and Park West. It has another side, as well. Divided by the Miami River, it is a center of art and culture, as well as a beautiful place for a walk.

If you are fond of history and art, you will enjoy the Downtown quite a bit. Let us mention the Pérez Art Museum Miami. This museum is more commonly known among the locals as PAM. Also, the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts is in this area. Here, you will have a wide arrangement of ballet, Broadway and theatre plays to choose from. Be sure to check the Freedom Tower, as well. And finally, let us give you one more piece of good news: if you’ve never liked driving, look no further, Downtown Miami is for you. It is one of the most pedestrian-friendly areas of Miami and it even has a Metromover, a Miami metro system which will make any Trekkie rejoice. Not to mention that riding it is free of charge!

Another place which made our list of best neighborhoods to live in Miami is the Design District

As you’ve probably guessed, this is the center of art, fashion and innovation of Miami. It is also frequently called Creativity Wonderland, and it does live up to its nickname. The area didn’t use to be too well known until the end of the 1990s. Then, it was called Buena Vista and consisted of mostly of old low-rise warehouses. Now, the area has plenty of art galleries and high-end boutiques which would make any art lover want to spend the rest of their life there. It gives you a feeling of walking down streets of different cities all across the globe, all at once. And, if those aren’t enough, don’t worry, everything in the Design District in Miami is a piece of art, just try the eatery down the road, and you will see.

A great place which you must consider as well is Key Biscayne

Are you considering this as one of the best areas for living in Miami?
You should definitely consider Key Biscayne when settling down in Miami…

An island neighborhood which used to be a coconut plantation, and is now a village, which will definitely give you that homey, small-town feel, despite being just next to the center of urban life. Key Biscayne has everything, and we do mean everything, from shops, sports centers, parks, cafes, boutiques, restaurants to beaches and hotels.

We would like to mention here its Crandon Park golfing course, as well as the Crandon Park Tennis Center. Visiting these is a perfect step to becoming a Miami local. If you prefer a walk around nature or by the beach, the State Park or Gardens of Crandon Park will give you a once in a lifetime experience. It definitely rates high on our list of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami. A good place to visit is also the Seaquarium. We also want to remind you that there are numerous sea-related activities to try out here, such as boating, canoeing, and kayaking. It’s a great spot for finding work in Miami, too. We don’t really need to mention any more outdoors activities, do we? And, if you are in need of a rest or just a peaceful day on the beach, the luxury The Ritz-Carlton is right there.

One of the best places to live in Miami is definitely the Miami Beach

Miami Beach is among the best neighborhoods to live in Miami.
Is there a better place to live than on a Miami beach? Definitely not…

We have finally arrived to this entry, which you had undoubtedly expected to be number one on our list. Well, let us tell you something besides all of the rumors and stereotypes which you have heard of this neighborhood from your family, friends or media. Besides the nightlife and the numerous tourist attractions, Miami Beach is also a center of culture, architecture, and art. We would like to mention here that you should probably make a difference between the South and the North Miami Beach. The South Miami Beach is well-known for its modern night lifestyle and numerous bars. And the North side of the Beach is quieter and lets you rest and enjoy the scenery more. There is the beautiful beach itself, as well as the MiMo, Miami Modern architecture style. One of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami? We think so, too!

Another great neighborhood of Miami that you should definitely consider living in are the Miami Lakes

You are more interested in a community, rather than just a neighborhood where you will be living? We have found the one for you. Miami Lakes was planned out and constructed in the 60s and stands today in almost its original shape. This place is filled with parks, over a hundred of them, which are perfect for a family relocation. It has numerous shopping centers, which the architects planned out strategically. You will never have to drive too far to reach one.

It’s surely among the best neighborhoods to live in Miami. But, even more importantly, Miami Lakes has built a strong community of neighbors supporting each other. This is one of the most sought-after places for a family relocation. Also, it has won numerous awards for its clever construction planning and architecture. While it may not be the center of attention, like South Beach, or the center of art and fashion, like the Design District of Miami, Miami Lakes has a special kind of charisma, which will make you want to live there after only one visit.

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