Young New Yorkers Love Spending Their Summer in Florida and Here’s Why

One of New Yorkers love spending their summer in Florida.

As it turns out, most New Yorkers love spending their summer in Florida. According to the statistics, not only do they like to vacation there, but nine percent of all out-of-state relocations from Manhattan are to the state of Florida. New York City is one of the most amazing places in the world, but the younger generations surely need some fun in the sun come summertime. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the strict regulations in states like New York, many New Yorkers are seeking a more relaxed environment and more opportunities to enjoy their hard-earned vacations.

Why young New Yorkers love spending their summer in Florida

If you have ever seen even a picture of Florida surely you have an idea why living there would be a dream. Sandy beaches, palm trees, sunshine, and overall great weather are just a few reasons. The streets of New York City can be extremely crowded and the air can be stifling when temperatures start rising. Summertime heat in the concrete jungle can be unbearable. Most people enjoy that tropical atmosphere and environment during the summer months. Sipping cocktails, swimming, enjoying the sunset without a care in the world. Young New Yorkers are no different. They need an escape from the heat, and Florida is the perfect destination for just that.

A beach road with a convertible overlooking a palm beach
Wonderful weather and amazing beaches attract New Yorkers to Florida


Among other things, Florida is just a short flight away and is way cheaper than New York. Residents and tourists agree that the lifestyle is much more relaxed. The temperatures are never below 70 degrees unlike in New York which suffers some pretty harsh winters. A bonus—many areas look a lot like New York but spending time there it’s way cheaper, nicer, and, oh—have we mentioned the beaches?

The most popular vacation spots in Florida for New Yorkers to spend their summer

The famous Miami

Spending time in Miami is almost like staying in North America but also leaving the country. The Latin American influences are evident in the culture, food, the music scene, and the nightlife scene. The art deco architecture and the art scene here are amazing. Miami is home to one of the most popular European art fairs—Art Basel. And needless to say, it is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches. In case you decide to stay here are the best Miami suburbs to purchase a home.

Wealthier young New Yorkers spend their summer in Palm Beach

You guessed it—beaches with palm trees are what make this island so awesome. It is home to some incredible beach resorts, renowned restaurants, and golf courses. For those who truly enjoy luxury and breathtaking views, Palm Beach is the place to be.

A view of palm trees and a blue sky
Palm trees are one of Palm Beach’s most famous trademarks


Daytona Beach for New Yorkers

One of the top ten places to visit in Florida as the world center of racing. It has a rich history, lots of museums, and the world’s most famous beach which is 23 miles long. With many New Yorkers moving to Daytona Beach as one of the popular destinations, it must be pretty impressive.

The incredible Key West

One of the most famous of the Florida Keys. If you are a fan of Hemingway, you will be happy to visit his home there, and many more historic buildings. The nightlife in Key West is what it is also famous for and the proximity to Cuba is just the cherry on top of this incredible destination. If you are feeling, adventurous Cuba is just a boat ride away.


How COVID-19 has inspired New Yorkers to spend summer in Florida

Since 2020, there’s been a staggering number of New Yorkers that have decided to move to Florida and many vacationers are choosing this destination. According to these tourists, they are enjoying the more relaxed rules when it comes to the pandemic. More businesses are open than in New York City, restaurants do not have such strict regulations and they are moving forward with a more optimistic view of the future. Additionally, many young New Yorkers are taking advantage of the summertime to visit Florida and unwind just in case there is another wave of the virus around the corner come fall.

A chalk-written sign with arrows saying “social distancing”
More relaxed rules are why New Yorkers love spending their summer in Florida


Moving from NYC to Florida

If all this information about Florida has impressed you and made you want to move there, you are not alone. According to your local relocation experts Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC, you might be surprised to learn that hundreds of New Yorkers are moving to Florida every single day. The number one reason for that is cutting costs. Unlike the state of New York, which has one of the highest income taxes in America, Florida has none. Yes, you read that right. Here are some more reasons to move to Florida from New York City:

  • Significantly lower crime rates
  • Lower loving costs
  • Lower health insurance costs
  • Bankruptcy loss protection
  • And in case you forgot: beaches, palm trees, and the amazing weather
A man taping a big box with red duct tape
A team of professional movers can help de-stress your moving process


As with any move, you will need a lot of help. With one of the best interstate movers, relocation can truly be a breeze. Why go through the trouble of organizing everything yourself when a team of professionals can help you? They can even pack everything for you and transport some of your most fragile items.

The strain of moving cross-country is stressful enough and you do not want to panic or change your mind in the process. You might also need help with some easily overlooked essentials.

Don’t dismiss it until you have tried it

If you are still not convinced why young New Yorkers love spending their summer in Florida, and why so many have chosen to relocate there, pay it a visit. The State of Florida might surprise you, and you might even decide to stay.

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