Best Miami suburbs for first-time home buyers

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Is it time to buy a home for the first time and you have chosen Miami as your future home. Miami is a beautiful city with amazing nature, not to mention white sand beaches and the ocean. One of the first steps is to choose the right location – after all, Miami is a big city and you will need time to explore it and its real estate market. What are top Miami suburbs for first-time home buyers and how to decide where to invest money? It is a big step, especially in a financial way. What are the reasons for buying your first apartment in Miami and the pros of living in Miami, FL? Research the real estate market and explore all your options. Many people want to live here because of the amazing nightlife, beaches, job, also, Florida is one of the best places for retirees too, etc.

Moving to a new house in Miami

Besides choosing a house to buy, you need to know how to transport your furniture and other items from one house to another in Miami. You can hire a professional moving company or move belongings by yourself. But, when you are moving from house to house, sometimes a new house is not ready for your furniture. In this case, you should rent a storage unit for things you can leave behind or store.

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If you have saved enough money for buying a house, choose the right house for you in Miami

The list of Miami suburbs for first-time home buyers

  • Ives Estates is one of the Miami suburbs for first-time home buyers especially for those with kids or who want to have kids in the near future. The median home value is $166,000 which is affordable for the Miami area.
  • Ojus – the median home price in Ojus is around $190,000 and more than 70% own a home here, which is a good sign.
  • Richmond Heights – home prices here are similar to Ojus and there are many festivities held every year.
  • El Portal – home prices in El Portal are a little bit higher, but homes are beautiful and the location is amazing. Most homes have features that every Florida house should have in the first place.
  • Medley – a very small suburb with a population of 1,118. It is a quiet place and people are friendly and welcoming.
  • Palmetto Bay – if you are looking for a place in Miami to raise your kids in and if you want to live right on the beach, Palmetto Bay is one of the places to consider.
A view of Miami suburbs for first-time home buyers
Miami is a beautiful city to move to

What to do if your home is small?

If you don’t have enough room in a new house for all your items, rent A+ Storage and your items will be safe in a storage unit. Choose the right size of a storage unit and the right location. Choosing Miami suburbs for first-time home buyers sometimes requires what you have around, what amenities. When searching for homes, ask your real estate agent for storage near too.

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