Easily overlooked essentials for a moving day

There is no question that moving requires good planning and organization. If you don’t organize it will become a chaotic and hectic mess. This is particularly true about moving day. Moving day is a constant rush and problem-solving nightmare. Dealing with movers, boxes, loading and unloading, and even the kids. In these conditions, there are many things that can go wrong. Many things may be forgotten or misplaced. Some of them may be small but they may make a big difference for you in the whole process. There are many easily overlooked essentials that you should take care of on moving day. Let’s see what they are and how to handle them.

Prepare for moving day

Any relocation requires a proper preparation. However, be sure that your moving day will be hectic whatever you do. So, prepare to handle unexpected issues and problems, and to deal with your family and movers. If you haven’t moved before you should get advice from your friends and family on what to prepare and what to take special care of. If you have experience then remember all the things you did wrong previously and prepare to correct them. Good preparation for the move will help you to keep in mind and not overlook certain essentials.

It will help you handle your moving day in a calmer and organized way. So, what should be some of the essentials that you shouldn’t overlook? What you should take care of on moving day:

  • make an essentials bag
  • prepare some moving utensils, supplies, and tools.

    Travel bag sitting on the floor
    Make sure you pack your essentials and have them with you on moving day

Essentials bag

Moving day has come and your essentials bag should contain all of the things you may need immediately after the move. These items should be with you at all times as you may need them urgently during the move. At the same time, it should contain stuff that you will need after the move but before you settle in.

Some of the items you should also have with you, just in case. Essentials bag should contain wallets, keys, and important documents and papers. Medication and, medical history or prescriptions just in case of a medical emergency. Electronics, batteries and chargers as we are all dependent on our communication needs for socializing and work. Basic toiletries are also a must.

Plastic organizer for medication
Make sure your essentials bag has your medication, medical records and other items you cant live without.

Moving utensils, tools, and supplies

Also, try packing some of the stuff that will help you overcome some of the issues during moving. Some of them will help you unpack quickly and settle in more easily.


Bring a number of hangers with you. it will make it easy to organize your wardrobe before you start unpacking. Ripping out boxes or bags in search of the hanger when you need them is not necessary

Cleaning supplies

Your new place might not be as clean as you would like it. Bring cleaning supplies to tidy things up a bit before you start unpacking and settling. You may also want to disinfect so be prepared.


Bring tools because you might need them during the first few days. Simple but essential tools are a must: Pliers, box cutters and utility knives, screwdrivers, measuring tape, and a hammer. Acu-drivers and small electric tools might come in handy for some quick fixes.

Picture of cleaning supplies
Make sure you have basic cleaning supplies for the move


So, some of these things may have not crossed your mind as moving day essentials. However as you can see they may be quite handy to have them near if needed. Make sure some of these essentials are not overlooked while moving. Refer to this list and also add your own.

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