Why young professionals are moving from Texas to Florida

The beach in Florida

Moving from Texas to Florida is becoming a real trend amongst young professionals. That is mainly because Florida is one of the states without a state income tax. There are only nine of those. Obviously, that is not the only reason but it’s a start. If you are also thinking about this kind of relocation we will mention who can help you out to make the process easier.

Florida is more than a hot retirement spot!

We all know that seniors love to come to Florida and spend their days there. But Florida is so much more than just a retirement spot. Florida can be a great place to raise your family. Also, some of its cities are perfect for those seeking good job opportunities in many fields and lastly, it can be a great place to expand your business.

A shell on the beach in Florida.
But it is a perfect place to relax.

Job opportunities are one of the main reasons why young professionals are moving from Texas to Florida

Big cities in Florida (like Miami for example) are full of amazing job opportunities. IT sector, healthcare, real estates, and senior care are the most wanted lines of work in 2022. Obviously, Miami is not the only good city for job seekers. It’s just the biggest and most wanted one. One of the best places for employment opportunities in all of Florida is actually the city called Tampa. Make sure to research it and, if you decide to relocate there, call State to State Move to help you out.

Digital nomads are often moving from Texas to Florida

When you don’t have to go to the office and all you need is decent wifi you can choose your perfect place. The hot weather is something that Texans are already used to. But in Florida, you also get some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Why not work from there if you have the chance to? Many people needed a new start ever since the pandemic (and the threat of the new world war) ruined everything. You can start over in the Sunshine State with some help from local movers.

The similarities

Sometimes people want a change but not as big of a change. Texas and Florida are very similar even though they are two different states. Both of these states are ideal retirement destinations due to their year-round balmy climates, extensive beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, and the absence of personal income tax. One thing that Florida has that Texas will never have – is the most amazing beaches. Also, amusement parks. Even people from Colorado are coming to Florida often.

A person holding a Universal Studio card since you can visit this place after moving from Texas to Florida.
Florida can be such an amazing and fun place.

Before we go

We think that you made a great decision and we strongly believe that an amazing future awaits you in Florida. Now all you need to do is call movers and prepare for this relocation. Good luck!

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