Leaving Colorado for Florida – How to prepare

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When choosing where to make your new home, you need to be careful. Many factors can affect your daily life, like the cost of living or the weather. Miami Moving Guide believes that Florida offers a high quality of living, so you should move there from Colorado. But leaving Colorado for Florida will not be easy. You will need to prepare for the relocation to Florida. Follow our tips to get to the Sunshine State comfortably. 

Decide if you are ready before leaving Colorado for Florida 

To prepare for a relocation to Florida, you have to decide if you are ready for it. Here are some of the things you should expect by moving states. 

  • First, a move will affect your social life. You will not stay as close to your friends in Colorado. And it will take some time to make new friends in Florida. 
  • Second, it will also take time until you adjust to the new environment in Florida. For example, you will need to learn about the new city and get into the workflow of your new job. And if you are looking to open a business, learn about the perfect office space in Florida
  • Finally, you will miss Colorado no matter how much you prepare for your Florida relocation. To prevent homesickness, you should keep yourself busy in Florida. 
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Leaving Colorado for Florida will be a big change in life, so think it through before committing.

Things to know about Florida before leaving Colorado 

If you want to be prepared for your relocation to Florida, you will have to learn about the state. To help with your preparation, we will tell you some quick facts about the Sunshine State. 

The first thing you have to know about Florida is that there is warm weather all year round, and you can forget about shoveling snow. But with the absence of snow, there is a new problem, getting sand out of your clothes from spending your days on the beautiful Florida beaches. 

By moving to Florida, you will lower your cost of living. The Sunshine State is almost 20% less expensive than Colorado. The most significant price difference is in the cost of homes. The median home cost in Florida is 294,900 dollars, while in Colorado is 488,600 dollars.

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Since Florida is less expensive, you can save money easier and buy a home.

If you are already moving to Florida, you should think about retiring there since the state does not tax your retirement income. In addition, many seniors decide to retire in Florida because of the relaxing way of life. 

Finally, by moving to Florida from Colorado, you will keep most of your income since the state does not have a state income tax. The state of Colorado took 4,5% of your income, but Florida will take none. If you like what the state of Florida can offer you compared to Colorado, you should look into movers to get you there. Finding a reliable moving company to relocate you from Colorado to Florida can be difficult. To make it easier for you, we recommend Homegrown Moving Company Colorado to assist you. But there are other moving options you can consider, like a Florida-based moving company. 

Plan your move before leaving Colorado for Florida 

To avoid any unexpected problems during your relocation to Florida, you should plan your move. 

Decide if you need movers to assist you with leaving Colorado and getting you to Florida. Look into how much it will cost to relocate to Florida from Colorado because you do not want to overpay. Starting from scratch is already costly enough that you do not want to overpay a moving company. See where you can find moving materials and if you want to save money on your relocation to Florida, look where you can get free moving materials. Let’s go deeper into every part of the move. 

Do you need movers, and how to pick reliable ones to get you to Florida? 

Deciding if you need movers is a difficult question because it depends on each situation. But we will give you an example of cases where you should get movers to help you. For example, if you have fragile items and can not move them yourself, like vintage furniture. In another situation, you should hire movers to assist you if you have many heavy items that are difficult to move or pack. 

If you want to find reliable movers to move you out of Colorado and get you to Florida, rely on online moving reviews. You can find moving reviews on Google or Yelp and even on the moving company’s website. To seal the deal, you should interview the moving company and see if they have had experience with moving to Florida.

Declutter and get moving supplies before leaving Colorado for Florida

Before you start buying moving supplies, you should declutter your Colorado home. The simplest way to do so is to see what you do not need in Florida. Since Florida has hot weather, you might want to donate your winter clothes or give them to your friends. 

When you declutter, start buying moving supplies because you will need fewer moving supplies if you have fewer items to move. Here is the list of stuff you should get to have a successful relocation to Florida. 

  • You need to get different sizes of moving boxes and plastic moving boxes for fragile items. 
  • Wrapping materials, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing blankest.
  • Tape to secure all of your moving boxes. 
  • Finally, markers to label all of your boxes. 

Packing for your Florida move

Packing is one of the most difficult moving tasks. If you do not secure your items correctly, they will get destroyed on the way to your new home. With that said, as far as packing is concerned, you should leave it to the pros because they will secure your items and make sure they survive the trip.

a bearded man sitting on a chair
Movers will pack your Colorado home faster and more securely than you.

You are ready to leave Colorado for Florida 

If you follow our tips above, leaving Colorado for Florida will undoubtedly be a piece of cake. Have a successful relocation to the Sunshine State! We certainly believe that’s possible!

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