Top benefits of moving from Miami to Hoboken

moving from Miami to Hoboken

As we are a Miami-based moving company, we know just how many people are leaving Miami. And you might not believe it but there are plenty of them. They move to different places. Some move to another part of the country, to the West Coast. The West Coast is nice but it is much different from the East. This is why most people who are moving from Miami are moving to some of the states in this part of the country. And one of the more popular moving destinations is New Jersey. There are plenty of places in New Jersey to move to but Hoboken seems to be one of the favorites. A lot of people have been moving from Miami to Hoboken because there are lots of benefits to doing so. And if you have been thinking about doing the same, here is where you can read just some of the reasons why we believe this is a good idea.

It is an urban place

Both Miami and Hoboken are two urban places. But they are definitely not the same. Miami is more of a tourist destination. This means that there are plenty of tourists in Miami. And as the weather is mostly nice and warm, there are tourists in Miami throughout the entire year. This makes the city very busy and lively. This certainly isn’t a bad thing, but some people seem to mind it as Miami can be very crowded at times.

Hoboken dock.
Hoboken is urban but peaceful and quiet at the same time which makes it a perfect place for anybody to live.

This is not the case with Hoboken. Sure, there are tourists here too, but not as many as there are in Miami. Not half as many. This makes Hoboken more peaceful and quiet. Hoboken is not as busy as Miami. There aren’t as many things happening at the same time as is the case in Miami. Especially during spring and summer. But Hoboken certainly is a nice place to be during this time of the year. This is why people of all ages are moving from Miami to Hoboken. Living there as both an elderly person and a kid has lots of benefits as Hoboken is an amazing city. This is why moving to NJ is a wise choice, we believe.

Hoboken is a beautiful city

Even though it isn’t big, it still has a lot to offer. But not only that, the city itself is very beautiful. There are many amazing buildings to see in Hoboken. More importantly, there are plenty of parks in Hoboken as well. Not as many as there are in Miami but still, the number is not so small. There are plenty of other things to do in the city. You can go to a nice restaurant for a lovely dinner. There are lots of bars you can go to. Here is where you will be able to meet both the locals and the tourists. You can also go to an art gallery as there are plenty of those in Hoboken as well.

If you love sports, you will love living in Hoboken as well. Hoboken is a very sporty place as it is the birthplace of baseball. And baseball is one of the most loved sports in the United States. Plenty of people who live here go to baseball games regularly. There are plenty of places for you to play baseball in Hoboken as well which is why a lot of baseball players live here as well. There are plenty of interesting things to be said about Hoboken which is why we recommend you research everything about the city before moving there if you are not certain that this is the place for you. But we doubt you will not like living in Hoboken.

Hoboken at night.
Hoboken has lots of parks, restaurants, art galleries, and plenty of other places where you can spend your free time.

Cheaper real estate

If you have been dreaming of owning a home, moving From Miami to Hoboken with is the best idea. When it comes to real estate, Hoboken is much more affordable than Miami. And Miami is considered to be one of the cheaper places for owning a home even though it really isn’t that affordable.

When it comes to housing in Hoboken, you do not have to think about gathering hundreds of thousands of dollars. The average price for a decent home in Hoboken is just around $150,000. This is not a large amount of money for a home in such a lovely place. And you do get a very lovely apartment or a small house for this amount. There is more expensive real estate to be found, of course. But if you are on the lookout for an affordable yet amazing home, Hoboken is the place where you will find it. There is plenty of other information of this sort that you should know before moving to New Jersey from Florida that will make you want to move there even more.

Hoboken home.
Finding a lovely home that you can easily afford in Hoboken is easy.

Lots of job opportunities

Another reason why plenty of people are moving from Miami to Hoboken is the fact that there are lots of job opportunities to explore. There are plenty of businesses in Hoboken but there certainly is place for a lot more. This is not the case with Miami. Plenty of people have moved to Miami in order to start a business hence why there are thousands of businesses in Miami. This now makes it very hard to think of a unique idea and stand out from the rest. The market is saturated in Miami. But Hoboken is much different. This is why if you have a business in Miami, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your business relocated from Florida to NJ as well. You will most likely have more success in Hoboken than in Miami.

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