Places to consider before moving to NYC from Miami

Contrasts and variety are appreciated by those moving to NYC from Miami.

Each one of five New York City boroughs is specific; knowing what you want from your NYC life will help you greatly in making the best possible decision. Moving to NYC from Miami is a choice based on three main factors, location, space, and price, and usually, two of them exclude the third. Besides, to make an educated decision, you will need to do your homework and explore the neighborhoods that seem to suit your lifestyle. Hence, the internet is a good partner in this endeavor so don’t hesitate to compare apartment prices, sizes, and locations throughout the neighborhoods. It is not an easy task, we concur, so we’re going to assist you a bit with our suggestions.

Places to consider when moving to NYC from Miami

Ever wondered where people from Florida are moving to? One of the places is certainly in New York City and its distinct boroughs. One thing that makes defining the best place to live in NYC so difficult is the variety of needs and expectations people have. People moving to NYC from Miami may be young professionals, students, families and they all value different aspects of the same city. Luckily, Big Apple is perhaps the only place in the U.S. that can offer everything to everybody anytime.

Our selection of places to consider before moving to NYC is comprised of

  • Tribeca, Manhattan
  • Boro Park, Brooklyn
  • Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
  • Riverdale, Bronx
  • FiDi, Manhattan

Tribeca, Manhattan

Once known only for industrial buildings, Manhattan’s TriBeCa is now a hip neighborhood with multimillion-dollar lofts that offers a magnificent view of the Hudson River on its western border. Its name comes from “Triangle Below Canal” Street and was coined in the 1960s by city planners. Nowadays, you will find a variety of popular boutiques here, as well as restaurants and 19th-century historic commercial buildings lining its cobblestone streets. Celebrities are often sighted in this Manhattan neighborhood, enjoying world-class Mediterranean cuisine. However, that is not the only thing to enjoy in Tribeca. While Tribeca film festival is held here every spring, visitors enjoy every weekend by the lovely Hudson River Park and River Promenade.

Manhattan is the core of New York and the location that many people choose when moving to NYC from Miami.
Manhattan is the most expensive part of the already most expensive city in the States. Don’t forget that if you are considering moving to NYC from Miami

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

You will find it easy to settle down in your new Bay Ridge house. People know Bay Ridge for its schools and thus popular among families with children. However, this Brooklyn neighborhood with a view of the Verrazzano bridge is a host to the Ragamuffin Parade and a Festival on the day after. The events truly bring the whole community together. Another event passes through Bay Ridge; The New York Marathon. It is specific as it allows the locals to perform with their band while the contestants run the race. The words describing Bay Ridge are safety, diversity, and friendliness – everything you need as a newcomer from Miami.

Brooklyn neighborhhods are among the most popular in NYC.
Brooklyn neighborhoods have that “urban suburb” feel that’s not easy to find.

Borough Park, Brooklyn

Borough Park (also spelled Boro Park) is home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside Israel. This Brooklyn neighborhood is safe and family-friendly with restaurants and grocery stores with fresh produce, meat, and seafood. A mix of cultures found in Borough Park is perhaps the best example of what Brooklyn is about. Note that Boro Park relocation can be fast, unlike its way of life. While this quiet Brooklyn neighborhood is not a nightlife hotspot, it has many bus stands and train stations. It has a good connection to the busier, more active parts of the city.

Riverdale, Bronx

Riverdale was once a summer retreat for wealthy New Yorkers that today features plenty of single-family homes but also more affordable housing options in apartment complexes. What you’ll most appreciate about Riverdale is that it’s a perfect blend of a calm and friendly neighborhood and busy downtown. It is a quiet and safe place offering community events, concerts, family art days, and public gardens. On the other hand, it is close to three commercial streets with various shops and stores, where an active community runs everyday errands. Before you start packing for your move to this Bronx neighborhood, note that Miami movers aren’t allowed to move certain types of items. Whatever you need once you arrive, you will easily buy either in Riverdale Avenue, Johnson Avenue or Moshulu Avenue. Riverdale is also pedestrian-friendly and has ample green space that you can enjoy in Wave Hill and Van Cortlandt Park.

Financial District, Manhattan

Manhattan’s FiDi is quite hectic during the weekdays, so you may wonder what’s it like to live in the Financial District. While rightly considered a business community, it has been slowly developing into a more residential area of Manhattan. Incentives to turn unused business buildings or warehouses into residential areas have been mostly successful. However, the cost of living in this neighborhood is similar to every other part of Manhattan. So, if you’re a young professional moving to NYC from Miami, you might find yourself sharing an apartment with a roommate. Once the usual everyday crowd is away, you will find yourself in a peaceful neighborhood, especially during weekends. It is also one of the most accessible parts of NYC.

Financial District in Manhattan is the business center of the city.
Despite the “business feeling”, the FiDi area is famous for parks and family amenities.


While New York, in general, is an expensive place to live, you will find more affordable living options the farther you go from the center. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll need a car. On the contrary. We don’t recommend you to have a car in NYC as it will only cost you more and add to the current chaos. NYC is covered by numerous means of public transport and connects each borough with a wide network. Hence, moving to NYC from Miami starts with figuring out one’s priorities. Prioritizing family life, peaceful communities, nature, nightlife or a business hotspot will take you to a different NYC neighborhood. However, note that priorities change over time. You may easily find yourself moving around NYC as your preferences change, and that is perfectly alright.


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