Why and where are people from Florida moving to?

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Are you considering leaving Florida for good? What it will bring you, where to move, what are the main reasons why people are moving out of FL? So many questions to answer before making the decision. Where are people from Florida moving to, where should you go? Is it a good idea to move and to start fresh somewhere else?

Where are people from Florida moving and what is the reason?

These are some of the main reasons for moving out of Florida besides moving for education and work.

Street sign time to say goodbye.
Is it time to say goodbye and to move out of Florida? First, prepare


How weather can be a problem when living in Florida? Well, there are 2 problems:

  1. Temperatures are very high, especially during the summer months. In this case, colder places are where are people from Florida moving. If you can stand always sunny weather, moving may be an option. Move to the northern states.
  2. Hurricanes can be very often and dangerous. Some cities in FL have more hurricanes than others. If you are afraid of them, move to the state that does not have them, but still have hot weather. for example, choose to move from Florida to Arizona.


Nature is beautiful, but some animals are dangerous. Florida has snakes (most of them are pythons), sharks, different bugs, alligators, etc. Too many lakes, ocean, hot weather are perfect for animals.

Public transportation

Public transportation may be a nightmare sometimes in some FL cities. If you don’t have a car and you are forced to use public transportation you already know how exhausting it can be. Transportation is not always arriving on time, so you can be late for work.

Too many tourists

If you are living in a big city in Florida such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando, you know how exhausting it can be. Having no quiet time and empty streets. The tourists are literally everywhere, behind every corner. You can choose a smaller place in Florida to move to or choose another state.


Safety is one of the reasons why people leaving the state for good. The crime rate is some cities are rising, but keep in mind that some cities are very safe. For example, the crime rate in Miami is growing, especially when it comes to robbery.

Moving abroad from Florida

If you are considering moving from Florida to Canada or anywhere outside of the USA, it is usually because of a job or education opportunities. When people are moving for education, it is not permanent (it usually takes a couple of years). But, when people moving because of a job, it is usually moving for good (or longer period of time).

Reading a list where are people from Florida moving to.
Make a list of places where you want to live in the near future

Other US states are the most common places where are people from Florida moving. Moving is a big step, even when moving locally. Prepare and organize your move, no matter what the reason is. Good luck!


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