What is it like to live in the Financial District, Manhattan?

A sign showing Wall Street, a place where you can live in the Financial District

When you ask people what it is to live in the Financial District, two things emerge as the most common answer to this question. First, it is a neighborhood of suits, full of business people, bankers, financial analysts, and people from Wall Street. Second, it’s a neighborhood recognizable for its calm and deserted streets during the weekends. Even though it’s a place where you will find many attractions, memorials, and architectural wonders, it can be a quite enjoyable and quiet place.

What is it like to live in the Financial District, Manhattan?

If you enjoy walking the streets, discovering people and buildings, Financial District can be a remarkable experience. In general, it’s an interesting mixture of old and new architectural solutions. Many of which are seen with amazing and detail-filled urban buildings. Even though it’s a constructional oasis we cannot say it lacks the touch of nature. Some of them might even be the most beautiful in all of New York. Tourists will find this place particularly exciting due to the fact that certain parts remind of European style with the addition of fascinating Manhattan skyline. Not to mention plenty of accessible rooftops where people enjoy BBQ grills with all that view.

The mixture of old and new buildings in New York.
Amazing mixture of old and new.

Cost of living in the Financial District

Even though living in this neighborhood can get quite expensive, the cost of living is usually similar to other parts of New York City. If you are thinking about moving to the area with luxury buildings and relatively affordable rents, you can ask for relocation assistance available in the Financial District. This is especially good for young working professionals in the pursuit of better jobs and more prosperous careers.

It’s calm during weekends

If you enjoy having a long walk with kids during a weekend you will find this part of the city pretty enjoyable. The usual everyday crowd is gone and it seems like everything is resting and preparing for the next week. Going out in the morning will make you believe you are in a small peaceful town somewhere in the Midwest.


The Financial District area, besides its “business feeling” part, is a place of many parks, high-quality schools, and children-friendly programs. Even though some might disagree, it is a very attractive neighborhood. For both young families and young people that plan a family. That is if you can cope with the construction workers making it a bit noisy during the day. This part of Manhattan offers clean surrounding where you can find plenty of great shops and restaurants. One of the most notable things about this neighborhood is that there is no crowd. Especially during the evening and night. In fact, many people are just working here and go home to other neighborhoods after working hour. If you plan to move here with one of the companies like Dynamic Movers NYC, don’t forget to organize the transport in the late afternoon.

Restaurant on the river.
Peaceful place on the river.

Transportation and walking in the Financial District

The public transportation here is very good. In general, it’s an extensive network which makes this area one of the most accessible parts of the city. However, if you are enjoying long walks you should know that there is no place in this neighborhood where you can’t manage on foot in a decent time.

A lot of small parks, the Hudson River Waterfront, Stone Street, and many other things can make you wish to live in the Financial District. Yes, it’s mostly a business quarter of the city. However, if you give it a chance, it can be amazing place to call home.


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