NYC seniors moving to Miami: the ultimate guide

an elderly couple sitting on a bench and discussing moving to Miami

Most Americans dream of retiring in Florida. This is the perfect place for that. It’s always sunny, the beaches are dreamy. What more can you ask for? Moving to Miami is especially popular. We will show you why and how to relocate as quickly as possible soon enough. Before we do that, let’s see why seniors are so fond of Florida. First of all, there is no state income tax. On pensions as well. So that’s good financially. Property taxes and costs are also very reasonable. So if you want to save some money you are in the right place. And amazing weather is just a plus.

NYC seniors

People from New York are special. They are used to the fastest and loudest city in the world. New York is after all the city that never sleeps. Also, the costs of living and housing in New York are pretty high so many people in New York have worked very hard whole their life. Often two jobs, even more. So when it’s finally time to retire and relax they don’t want the same lifestyle. Seniors need something laid back. They need to relax. They have earned it. So the best solution is of course Florida. And seniors are so often doing this that if you go to Florida you will have some good company.

seniors sitting on a bench
Now is a great time for a new adventure.

What can Miami offer you?

Miami is a major center and leader in finance, commerce, culture, and arts. Are you wondering what can Miami offer to seniors? Well as we stated before amazing weather and beautiful beaches. After you are done exploring that you must go for some of their famous Cuban coffee. Also exploring Miami’s amazing culinary scene is a must. Latin-American influence in this city can offer you some good cultural diversity.

AN aerial view of the beach in Miami
Moving to Miami can be great for seniors.


Since you are from New York chances are you are already decluttering your place every few years. New Yorkers are pros at that. Why is decluttering important? Because you don’t want to relocate unnecessary items into a different state. So before you even start packing you need to get rid of the things you are not using anymore. You can donate them or you can throw garage sale and earn some cash. That can be nice. There is a way you can sell online using apps, but if you are not comfortable using smartphones you can always ask someone to help you out. When you are done with decluttering you can start sorting household items and packing them. Get good quality moving boxes and all the additional supplies. Don’t forget to label all the boxes. If you feel like all that packing might be too much for you, skilled teams can help you prepare. Many professional movers can offer you additional services like packing to make your relocation easier.

Additional help

Since we are already talking about professional movers, letting them do all the hard work can be the best option. That way you can make your relocation stress-free. Also, they can do all the heavy lifting. You need to take care of yourself. Heavy lifting is not for seniors. The best thing is that movers like Divine Moving and Storage can help you make relocation quicker. The sooner you move the sooner the new adventure will begin.

Moving to Miami during coronavirus

The global pandemic is making all the relocations, not just moving to Miami, a bit slower and difficult now. For the people moving somewhere else in the world – they have to wait a lot for visas. Luckily for you, that won’t be a problem. But, you still need to be careful. Also, social distancing is important even if you are vaccinated. Covid19 has the worst impact on seniors. You can wear masks to protect yourself and others too. Also washing hands and having hand sanitizer close by can help a lot. Staying safe is the most important thing right now. Don’t forget that while you are preparing for moving day.

plush toys with masks
Staying safe and healthy is the most important thing.


Since you are moving from crowded NYC to Miami the chances are you will have more space for your things. But if you do need some, make sure to ask local moving teams to help you find some affordable storage nearby. That way you can keep your stuff safe until you figure out some space for them. Also, you can rent portable storage. That’s actually a cheaper option.

What to do in Miami

Westwind Lakes Park and Deerwood Bonita Lakes are great for seniors. Also, you can check out the Senior Citizens Activities Center of Homestead and make some friends. You have the time now. You can also try one of many garden and book clubs. Malls are great if you like shopping or the heat is just too much for you some days. Maybe even going on a cruise can be fun. Active Older Adults Program can be great exercise for all over the age of 55.

Change of lifestyle from NYC to Miami

This will be a great change. Everything is going to be very different than you are used to. Actually, it will probably be too quiet for you at night. Don’t worry adapting always takes time. But soon you will feel like you always been here. After you move in make sure to get all the unpacking done and then you can start exploring the neighborhood and the city. Also getting to know your next-door neighbors will be fun. If you need some time to relax after relocation, that’s ok too. Take a mental health day, just do it after you unpack so that you can fully enjoy it. Without thinking of dull chores you have ahead of you. Good luck!

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