Things about Delray Beach even locals don’t know

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Are you and your family considering a lifestyle change? Do you find yourself always dreaming of the beach and having fun? There are things about Delray Beach that will make you decide it is the perfect place for you to settle down and start enjoying some sun. Here are some well-kept secrets, and things even the locals don’t know, about this hidden gem.

Moving to Delray Beach

Delray beach is a dream location, so don’t be surprised if you decide to become a resident right after you see this place for the first time. The weather is beautiful, you can surf and the views from every angle will stun you. In 2012 this town won the prestigious title of ‘most fun town in the US’. Now, who wouldn’t want to live there? Beachgoers here have exclusive access to more than 2 miles of shorefront. Adding to this there are lifeguards on almost half of this real estate. So you can be sure that your family is enjoying this paradise safely.

Somewhere for your family

If you decide to take the plunge and relocate to Delray beach can help you establish everything you need. This company is specialized in the area and has a wide variety of insider knowledge, perfect for helping you find the right spot. This area is well-known for its family-orientated festivals, boasting several of these every year! People travel from far and wide to attend these spectacles. This, in turn, adds cultural diversity and excitement to this already stunning location.


A man walking on the beach with his daughter
Delray Beach is the perfect place for you and your family

Do you like art?

Are and culture are a big part of your everyday lives, some may say they are even an essential part. If you decide to visit Delray beach be sure to keep a lookout for all the displays and museums dotted around the city. The art scene in this area is booming and there are over 20 local galleries for you to explore. Some key places to look out for are;

  • Pineapple Grove Arts District
  • Artists Valley

You will likely see numerous artists sprawled across the streets here, sharing their creative flair with you!

Don’t forget about the shopping!

Delray Beach is known for its cultural and outdoor areas. However, if shopping is more your thing, this could be the right place for you. The various districts of this area are also bustling with nightlife and events. Many restaurants also hold extremely good reviews, meaning you won’t be disappointed with the food! Atlantic Avenue, is a place to look out for. This beautiful avenue in Delray Beach is home to over 150 completely unique boutique stores, If you’re looking for a big of scenery when you’re shopping look for Minzer Park. This park is filled with beautiful fountains and monuments. This place will truly capture the hearts of you and you’re family, and turn your day out shopping into a great experience.

Some boutique clothing on a rack
Enjoy some boutique shopping in Delray Beach

Making a lifestyle change can be daunting, there is always a lot of unknowns. Certain things about Delray Beach, however, will make you decide to live there on the spot! It is one of the most friendly and exciting places to visit and even live! By doing some research into the perks of this area, you can be sure that you’ll get the best experience when you visit this beautiful beachside destination.

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