5 things Floridians need to know before moving to the West Coast

A girl wlaking down the road during the sunset.

Moving to the West Coast is becoming very popular amongst Floridians so naturally, we need to discuss it and prepare you if you plan to do the same. There are many things you will need to know before making such a relocation but we singled out five of those. Since this is a coast-to-coast relocation you need to be well prepared. Those are not easy. Don’t worry, we will do our best to prepare you since this is one of the things you need to know about moving to the West Coast. Are you excited? So are we. Let’s get started.

5 things you need to know before moving to the West Coast

  1. Marijuana is legal but it’s not omnipresent
  2. If you are in the IT sector you will be delighted to see all the job opportunities
  3. People here are more environmentally conscious
  4. The weather is great but unlike in Florida you will be able to see snow
  5. You will get used to the food easily especially since both Floridians and Californians are crazy about Mexican food

Now you can start preparing for this relocation you have ahead of you.

holing marijuana flowers
Something that is still illegal on the East Coast and pretty mainstream on the West Coast.

Job opportunities

This depends a lot on the exact place you are going but this coast is all about tech jobs. California, Oregon, and Washington are always looking for the IT crowd. In fact, many IT experts are relocating to the West Coast just for job opportunities. There is an abundance of tech companies and maybe you will get your chance there as well. Maybe even try your luck with Microsoft? They always have some positions open.

The downside – climate events

Living in Florida you know that some climate events are pretty rough. You might have experienced some like hurricanes or similar. Unfortunately, there are some climate events on this coast and you will simply have to get used to them. Just like you did on the ones Florida has. We can’t go against nature. No matter how much we try. There is a possibility you will experience earthquakes. Especially if you move to California. The good news is that they thought about it when they made the buildings. They are safe and made to be earthquake resistant. Just like in Florida sometimes forest fires occur. All of this is mild compared to the East Coast. We just wanted to warn you because being prepared is important. Now you will be able to mentally prepare for a coast-to-coast relocation.

A ruined road during a natural disaster
Don’t worry, they are ready for earthquakes.

On the positive side moving to the West Coast can be great because this coast is beautiful

West Coast can be beautiful you just need to explore it. But get out of the big cities. Check out Yosemite National Park, Mount Saint Helens National Monument, and Sequoia National Park to see the real beauty. Cities are full of great entertainment, shopping, and pretty much everything you can think of but rural areas hide a true beauty. Except if you want to enjoy the beaches. You have the best ones in the cities. You will be able to explore all this as soon as you unpack and settle in but losangelestransfer.com can help you with that.

5 things you need to know about moving to the West Coast

  1. You need to start preparing as soon as you find out about the relocation – doing everything last minute is a recipe for a disaster
  2. The only way to make packing easier is to declutter your old place before you start with the packing
  3. Relocations are hard and quite tiring, you might need some help from professionals
  4. You need to prepare your new home for your arrival
  5. Unpacking and settling in is hard because you are tired and you will need help the most for this part of the relocation

You obviously understood the first few things we mentioned. It’s pretty understandable how decluttering will make packing easier – you won’t have to deal with unnecessary items. But did you understand about preparing your new home for your arrival? Let us explain this one now.

Preparing your new home

You need to make sure that your new home is clean and ready for you to move in. If there is something that needs to be done like cleaning for example experts can help you with that. Just make sure that you are coming into a clean and prepared home. That is especially important if you are moving with your kids there. Cleaning will be a nightmare with all the moving boxes that are coming with you. This is the reason we mentioned preparing your new home.

cleaning the floor with a mop before or afte moving to the West Coast.
Professionals can make your place spotless.

Unpacking and settling in

You can hire local movers to help you to unpack in a day or so. Yes, this is possible to do in such a short time frame you just need to be careful when choosing the right movers. But as soon as this is done you will be free of those chores hanging around and you will be able to start your new life here. There is one more reason why you should speed up this process.

The last thing you need to know about moving to West Coast

You will feel nostalgic. You are used to the East Coast and many things will be different. It will take some time for you to adapt to a new environment, new people, and a different but somehow still similar way of life. It’s perfectly natural to feel homesick, just know that this feeling will soon go away. As soon as you are done with unpacking and settling in you will be able to start exploring your new city and state when you get the chance and that will make things much easier. Soon enough you will feel at home here.

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