5 criteria for choosing residential movers

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Moving from one home to another is definitely a challenge. It is a process that is consisted of plenty of different tasks. Some more and some less demanding than others. Many would agree that there are more of those demanding tasks than those less demanding ones. As this is so, professional assistance is available at your service no matter where you are moving from and to. Moving all by yourself is something you can certainly do but not something we would recommend you do. This is because moving can be quite stressful. Especially if you are moving for the first time. No matter the distance you are moving and the size of your move, we think that it is always best to let professionals handle what they are professionals at and just sit back and relax. So, if you will be moving to another home soon, here are the five criteria for choosing residential movers that you will hire to help you out.

Does the company have enough experience?

The first thing you want to know about a company is just how many and what types of relocations they have done so far. This is going to tell you a lot about just how much they know about relocation and how it is possible to make it easy and efficient. A not-so-experienced moving company is not necessarily a bad one to hire like those practicing moving scams, don’t get us wrong. But a company that has had plenty of clients and has done plenty of residential relocations certainly does a much better job. At least that is the opinion many people who have relocated have.

How would you even be able to know just how much experience a company has? Well, you should ask them. They should be honest and upfront with you. But don’t leave anything to chance. You should definitely also do some online research. Try to find more information about their experience online.

Moving company truck and guy carrying boxes.
How many homes did the company relocate successfully?

Are their previous clients satisfied?

While researching a relocation company online, a place where you will find more information about it are forums, other websites and social media. This is where people write their honest and true opinions about such services in the form of moving reviews. If you rely on the reviews you can see on the company’s website, you might get scammed. Writing a fake review is very easy, especially when you own a website. You can write anything you want even though it might not be true. This is why you have to do more than just check the moving company’s website.

But remember that even outside of their website, fake reviews still exist. You will not be able to tell a real honest review from a fake one in most cases. This is why we cannot really give you a proper tip on this. Trust your intuition and go as deep in online research as you possibly can. But also make sure when you are choosing residential movers that they fulfil all of these five criteria.

Does the company have a license?

The most important criteria a moving company should fulfil is having a license. There are plenty of moving companies that have it and they also fulfil these five criteria such as müv | Trusted Central Florida Movers. But there also are plenty of companies that don’t have a license. These are generally scam moving companies and running into them is easier than you think. And moving with such a company is not something you should do as there are plenty of companies that are verified and have been voted as reliable and trustworthy and therefore given a license.

Moving truck.
Checking if the company has a license is very important.

But just how will you know whether a company has one? Well, it should definitely be written on their official website. You should be able to see the license number as well so that you can check it for yourself. If there isn’t one, make sure you ask the company about this before settling to hire their services. There is an official government website where you can see whether the license is valid or not.

Do they have all the necessary equipment to handle the relocation professionally?

A license and good reviews are certainly not enough to make your move stress-free and easy to handle. When you are choosing residential overs, you should also make sure that their team has all the necessary supplies and equipment. The team of movers that is responsible for moving your belongings from one home to another should be able to handle this task professionally and easily using professional equipment that you do not have. This is a characteristic of a good moving company.

Moving equipment.
Professional moving equipment is necessary in order for the move to be easy to handle.

If they don’t or their equipment is old, you should probably start searching for another company. This means that the company doesn’t invest in making their services better which is definitely a bad thing. When residential moving, you should leave transfer to professionals who have the necessary equipment.

Good communication and proper providing of necessary information

The company you are thinking about hiring should definitely have good communication with the customer, you in this instance. The company should inform you about everything you need to know before hiring them without you having to ask many questions. Their website needs to be good and provide you with all you might want to know about the company before actually getting in touch with them. These things are important as well when choosing residential movers as they do tell a lot about just how much a company values providing the necessary information in order to gain trust from possible new clients.

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