5 Emotional Stages of Moving from NYC to Miami

person jumping on the street feeling range of emotions after moving from NYC to Miami

Living in New York is something that is said to be the bucket list item for every young person in the world. It is the city that never sleeps. It is the greatest city in the world – by the opinion of those who are born and raised in it. So, leaving NYC is never easy. Even if you hate it, you love to hate it. So, what’s it like to move from The Big Apple to the Magic City? Emotional. Strange. A huge change. But every change is good, isn’t it? There are 5 emotional stages of moving from NYC to Miami and here they are.

Stage one of moving from NYC to Miami – Disbelief and denial

You decide to move and you sit and think to yourself – this is not happening. You can’t leave your home. How will you manage without your friends, colleagues, family? And to leave for the land of partying, tan, and retirees? It is like adding insult to injury. You just can’t do it.

child clown sad about leaving NYC
Sad to leave – Moving from NYC to Miami is hard for your soul

The New Yorker pride

New Yorkers are a bunch of angry, hard-working people, extremely proud of living in NYC. They call themselves New Yorkers and not Americans, for crying out loud. Living in New York gives you makes you feel like there is nowhere to go from it. It is a world of opportunities, of life, a vibrant hub full of life. There is so much to love about New York, so you can understand them for being so proud of it. The streets, the art, the skyline, the best neighborhoods in NYC, the best bagels, restaurants…… Nonetheless, their pride might come a bit too strong and New Yorkers can be disdainful. That is precisely why, for them, the first stage of moving from NYC to Miami is denial. They simply don’t see Miami as a worthy enough of a place to live in.

Stage two of moving from NYC to Miami – Anger and frustration

As you pack and prepare for the move, you start looking for a reliable moving company. It is not suitable for a New Yorker to move on their own. And it is not like you will ask your neighbors to give you a hand. So you come across Capital City Movers NYC and you like them for the job. After that, the move is official. So you arrive with all your things nicely packed and relocated to Miami. Instantly, the anger grows. Why is so damn hot? And wet?! Why is everyone smiling? Also, people are not working enough. And where are my bagels?!

Brooklyn bridge and a man on it thinking about moving from NYC to Miami
The beauty of New York

Stage three of moving from NYC to Miami – Romance goggles and nostalgia

When something is ending, you start glaring through the romance goggles. It is to say – you think only of the good sides. No matter if we are talking about relationships, jobs or moving out of your home. So, you start thinking of all the things you will miss about New York (there are some things you won’t miss, but it kind of disappears from your mind at this particular moment). You will miss

  • Central Park. All the walks and talks and runs and kisses you had in this magical place
  • And busy streets and the subway
  • All that chaos that you secretly love
  • The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Grand Central Station, the brownstones, the skyline, The MET, MoMA…
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Coffee stands, already praised bagels, Dunkin Donut
  • Morning Walks
  • Fall. Fall in NYC is so amazingly beautiful, it takes your breath away. All the colors of nature and the city itself. It truly is unforgettable.

You look around Miami and it seems as though it cannot compare. Much to your surprise, it can, you just have to let it.

Stage four of moving from NYC to Miami – Change of heart and excitement

After a while, you notice that you wake up with a smile. You are starting to like what you see. Sure, it may be because you still think to yourself that you will eventually move back to NYC. Nevertheless, your heart, like the weather, is warming up. And there are so many business opportunities in Florida. It even might be you decided that moving from NYC to Miami is a good choice. And after work, some people invite you to go for a drink at Little Havana and it seems so nice. You start to like the colors and the ease Miamian live with. Who knew?

Stage five of moving from NYC to Miami – Acceptance

You are finally giving in and starting to feel more like yourself. It is starting to sink in that Miami is your new home. And you are okay with it. Genuinely okay. You might not want to admit to your friends back in New York, but you actually like it. It is warm, there are beaches everywhere, a lot more fruit, and so much more tan. You are even starting to like the whole driving with your windows down. Really driving, not just moving a few feet and hitting the breaks. Also, you don’t mind the cost reduction. The cost of living in Miami is significantly lower than in New York. This is in many ways connected with the fact that you don’t have to pay city taxes in Miami and state taxes are not that high.

girl in shorts kicking waves in the ocean
The beach has its perks

Is it love that you’re feeling?

Miami lifestyle is starting to grow on you. It is much more laid back than NYC lifestyle. People here ‘work to live’ as oppose to New Yorkers’ ‘live for the job’ way of thinking. People enjoy the weather and love living their lives. There is a strong Hispanic culture in Miami, so it is a bit like you moved to a foreign country. Everything becomes somewhat more passionate – the food, dancing, chatting… It is much more inefficient than NYC and there is not that much to do all the time, but actually, there is a lot to discover.

Even though there is not such a diverse and strong cultural offer in Miami as opposed to the one in New York, there is an interesting urban movement and a culture that is in the process of defining itself. As well as the hidden art deco treasures. And luckily, now that you are embracing Miami lifestyle – you have the time to discover them all. And in great company. Miamians love to hang out and mingle and meet new people.

Hi, I am from Miami, FL

Eventually, it all settles, and you start appreciating the duality you carry inside you now. You have lived in NYC and now you live in the Magic City. And both are great. It is a bit warmer, your tan is a bit darker, your hair is a little lighter. You don’t have that many clothes on you, and your coffee is not as strong. Nevertheless, you are still you. So, after all this emotional turmoil that moving from NYC to Miami has brought, has passed. And your life continues. It is 2019 after all and all your friends are just a facetime away. Trust us, they will love to come and visit!

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