The Best Neighborhoods in NYC

It isn’t very easy to determine which the best neighborhoods in NYC are. With so many boroughs and much more neighborhoods, it’s a bit hard to decide where to live in this amazing city. When you are trying to decide, focus on the features of the areas that are most important for you. The whole point of moving is to be happy in the new environment. Choosing the place that best suits your needs is an excellent start for that.

How to divide NYC neighborhoods

Neighborhoods are usually divided by the groups that are ideal for on:

  • Family neighborhoods
  • Neighborhoods for millennials
  • Pet-friendly neighborhoods
  • Neighborhoods best suitable for seniors

Still, while this is a formal categorization, one neighborhood can fit multiple groups. Especially in New York. That’s just one of many reasons why this city is special and great. Actually, some of the best neighborhoods in NYC are the ones that are suitable for the needs of the different groups. New York is such a diverse city that anyone can find its place in the shade of the skyscrapers.

Bay Ridge is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York

Immigrants have built New York City, and that is best presented in the neighborhood of Bay Ridge. This part of Brooklyn is a true melting point of nations, languages, and heritage. Its residents have Irish, Italian, Greek, Russian, Polish, Chinese and Middle Eastern origin. In fact, the highest concentration of Arabic speakers in Brooklyn is calling a Bay Ridge their home. If you are a foreign newcomer then this neighborhood should be the first on your list. People here are open, friendly and very welcoming to the new neighbors.
Other good features of this neighborhood are its low crime rate and living costs that are more affordable than in other parts of New York. If you are thinking about relocating to this neighborhood, moving to Bay Ridge with ease will be a piece of cake if you hire reliable movers.

East Village is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for nightlife

This Manhattan’s neighborhood is famous for its wild nightlife. While almost every of the best neighborhoods in NYC has interesting nightlife options, the East Village is really its a crown jewel. There are great bars in any direction that you take, amazing restaurants and some of the cult clubs that exist for decades. If fun after the sunset is what you seek, the East Village is the area for you.

Here you can party every night of the week, until the sunrise. New York is the city that never sleeps and if you don’t either, this is a place to be after dark. With the addition to fantastic nightclub, bar and restaurant scene, there are also many cool karaoke bars and comedy stand up shows that will make you laugh until you burst. If you are straggling with homesickness after the move, just one night in the East Village will make you forget all about your post-relocation blues.

Woman in the nightclub.
Nightlife in East Village is epic.

However, while this neighborhood attracts many millennials and young professionals, it isn’t very suitable for families. The vibrant nightlife can get very noisy and it isn’t very appropriate for the children’s delicate ears or eyes.

Upper West Side is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families

Living in the Upper West Side certainly comes with a very expensive price tag, but it is still the most desirable place to raise kids in Big Apple. Each year many families are relocating to one of the best neighborhood in NYC, due to its safety and excellent school district. Its proximity to the famous Central Park, which serves as a gigantic playground for both kids and adults, is just one of its perks. This neighborhood is also perfect if you are considering getting a dog since it is very pet-friendly part of town.

Not only that, but the Upper West Side also is very near some of the world’s best museums like the American Museum of Natural History. Neighborhood boost with the beautiful Riverside Park with many modern kids playgrounds and numerous historical monuments. Emphasizing the benefits of living in Upper East Side is a good way to prepare your kids for the move and to get them excited for the relocation.

Best Neighborhood for Museums: Upper East Side

If you like to spend time visiting museums, then living in this area may be right up your ally.

Upper East Side is the home to the:

  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Frick Museum
  • Museum of the City of New York
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

Whenever you wish to let your hair down and party, you won’t have to go far. This neighborhood has a pretty good nightlife and restaurant scene. It is the unique part of the NYC that can suit the needs of the millennials, young professionals, but also families with kids.

Guggenheim Museum in Upper East Side - one of the best neighborhoods in NYC
The unique mixture of cultural sites and vibrant nightlife options make this one of the best neighborhoods in NYC.


Best neighborhoods in NYC for art and culture


Harlem was notorious as one of the badest parts of New York. Over the years, it has cleaned up nicely. So nicely, that is almost unrecognizable. Nowadays, Harlem is one of the trendiest, up-and-coming and best neighborhoods in NYC. It is also one of the most popular ones, so if you wish to hire best movers like JP Urban Moving Brooklyn you should do it months in advance when you’re planning a relocation to this area.

Street artist in Harlem, one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for artists.
Harlem has a great impact on the music, literature, dance, and art scene of this city.


On the contrary to its past reputation, Harlem now has a very low crime rate. As well as plenty of job opportunities and a short commute to the city core. If you’re moving to Harlem from Miami, get ready to be amazed. You will feel just like home because it is diverse, friendly, modern, and vibrant neighboorhood.


The incredible transformation that happens to the TriBeCa neighborhood made it into one of the coolest parts of New York. This is the place where former warehouses are becoming galleries, performance spaces and even lofts. Many modern artists are living in this neighborhood, that is never lacking interesting exhibits and performances. With its rising popularity, this part of Big Apple is a magnet for millennials and the Mecca for hipsters.

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