Miami Living Costs & Moving Tips for 2019

Miami Living Costs

If you are moving because of a new job, you are probably already asking yourself about Miami living costs. We prepared this thorough list for you as want to be prepared for your big life change in advance and not be surprised when you actually settle in.

If you thought Miami is all sun, beaches, fun and play, you were right. But it has many more interesting attractions for working people, as well as families. It offers the beauty of several national parks, a great array of outdoor sports, amazing neighborhoods and a stable labor market. Read more in our article: 5 reasons to move to Miami. 

Miami is a very interesting destination for tourists, especially in the cruise industry. The seaside employs many people in the service industry – hotels, restaurants, bars, cruise ships and the airport. Jobs in the construction industry are always opened. Education, healthcare, retail and logistics and transportation are also always offering job positions.

Salaries in Miami are not as great as in some other big cities in the US or as you would have expected. The costs we present you here should give you a general idea of how much you need to be making to make the move worthwhile. For more thorough information, you can check salary oscillation at websites like Glassdoor and Payscale.

If you want to have a job secured before your relocation to Miami, these sites are good places to start: Monster, Indeed, Snagajob, Craigslist and Career Builder. You may also want to use LinkedIn and hunt for employers that would suit you. Then google recruiters in those companies and don’t be afraid to contact them. They will often offer help and can initiate some interviews as well.

Blue car in front of Avalon Hotel
Art Deco neighbourhood in Miami.

If you are considering or are already planning your relocation, the list of Miami living costs below will help you make an informed plan for your current and future budget.

Miami Living Costs: Shipping and Moving to Miami

These expenses are the average container shipping costs to Miami from other major world cities, according to the source website
New York City is the most affordable, with the price around $405. Second on the list, also a sunny city of Los Angeles, is at around $735. If you are moving from Vancouver, you are looking at a cost of about $1,800. Now let’s look at some overseas prices: London is at $1,493; Sydney will be $2,760; New Zealand $3,231; Hong Kong $11,691 Dubai $2,776; and Singapore $3,034.

Prices may vary depending on the conditions

Still note that prices may vary depending on the company. Besides that, this is a shipping portion of the cost and not the full relocation costs. Find the best moving company for your individual needs with our tips and tricks.

Miami Living Costs: Housing

It is difficult to buy a home in good areas in Miami because of the ever-developing residential business. On the other hand, the rental market is booming, and millennials with high incomes opt for paying top prices. If you are moving on a budget, consider that a 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre is $1,300 a month. The option of a 1 bedroom apartment outside the center will cost you $1,000.
3 bedroom apartment in the City Centre is $2,000, and a 3 bedroom apartment outside the center will be $1,650.

Here’s some more info about how Miami living costs compared with other cities around the world, according to Numbeo:

London is 13.23% more expensive than Miami, New York is 59.65% more expensive, Los Angeles is just 7.75% more expensive, but Toronto is 35.91% cheaper. Paris is also cheaper, by 31.22%; and Dubai is 16.69% more expensive.

Different areas of Miami have different prices. Therefore, if you are wealthy enough to choose from the top end of the market, we recommend neighborhoods like Fisher Island, Indian Creek Village and Coral Gables. On the other hand, Wynwood is affordable, but a 30 min drive from the center. Coconut Grove is a bohemian area for enjoying the arts and bars.

Miami Living Costs: Food, Groceries and Restaurants

Inexpensive Restaurant: $12 – $25
Takeout Coffee: $2.75 – $4.50
Bottle of Coke: $1.39 – $2
1L of milk: $0.77 – $1.24
Loaf of Bread: $2.48 – $4.29
12 Eggs: $2.00 – $4.00
Chicken per kg: $4.41 – $16.53
Beef per kg: $8.82 – $19.84
Apples per kg: $2.20 – $8.82
White Rice per kg: $2.76 – $6.61

According to statistics, only New York is more expensive than Miami. Its restaurants are 10.23% more expensive and groceries are 16.21% more expensive than Miami.
Los Angeles is cheaper with restaurants 9.82% cheaper and groceries 11.25% cheaper. Same goes for Paris, Toronto, Sydney and even Dubai.

Woman eating food in a restaurant
Miami is known for good restaurants.

Bonus Tips for Cheaper Food, Restaurants and Groceries

You should know your supermarkets: Look for Miami’s ethnic stores and farmers’ markets. They have a great offer of healthy and organic foods. Popular supermarkets in Miami are Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Presidente, The Fresh Market and Winn-Dixie.

Hunt for homey restaurants: You should be able to find some good restaurants that offer specials on various days of the week. Take a look at the following sites for suggestions – Four Square, Miami on the Cheap, Zomato and 10 Best.

Miami living costs: Examples of Transport Tickets

Miami has a transportation system run by Miami-Dade. The system covers the whole city with three means of transportation: trains, buses and trolleys. It was built to encourage visitors and residents to keep the roads free from traffic jams.

Adult Single Metro – $2.25
One day ticket – $5.65
Monthly season ticket, unlimited – $112.25
A weekly ticket – $29.25 for 7 days of unlimited travel

Two people on a bicycle
Cycling is great for Miami, and for your health

Cycling is recommended in Miami. It is flat and there are cycle lanes everywhere. Many people walk as well.

Miami Living Costs: Clothing, Gym and Leisure

Miami has a warm climate all year round, sometimes it is wet as it has a hurricane season. Therefore, most of the year will require people to wear flip-flops. Although the heaviest weather requires a wind jacket. Here are some prices of life in Miami:

Pair of Jeans: $30 – $60
Summer Dress: $29 – $60
Running Shoes (Trainers): $55 – $100
Business Shoes: $65 – $130
Short Doctor’s visit (15 mins): $123
Deodorant: $4.78
Shampoo: $5.74
Toilet Paper (4 rolls): $4.45
Gym membership: $20-$75 per month
Movie (cinema) ticket: $11-$15
(Source: Numbeo and Expatistan)

Miami Living Costs: Florida Taxes
Miami Living Costs: Florida Taxes

Taxes in Miami

If you live in Florida, you have to pay state and federal taxes. Sales Tax in Miami is 7% and is added to most goods and services. However, the price tag on an item generally does not include sales tax.


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