Transporting your art from Bahrain to Miami

Painting supplies.

Are you moving to Miami from Bahrain or you just need to transport your items from point A to point B? In both cases, you need to know how to transport your items safely overseas, especially special items such as artwork. Transporting your art from Bahrain to Miami can be easily done but when you have the right tips and professional help with the experience. Even the smallest damage to your art can be a big problem and expensive too.

Tips for transporting your art from Bahrain to Miami

To move your artwork to another continent, it takes time and money too. But also, you need to know how to move artwork safely and fast. If you are doing this for the first time, having a guide to follow is necessary in order to move items without damages. Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you go through this process with ease.

A man painting.
If you are an artist, art is part of your everyday life. Transport it safely to the USA

Measure your art

You will need to measure your art to know how big shipping containers you need, sizes of boxes, and how much transportation will cost. Measure the length, width, and height of every artwork you want to move from Bahrain to Miami. After that, you can determine moving costs. It is one of the major concerns when transporting items overseas – the costs.

Choose a shipping container

Now when you know the sizes of your art, you know what size of a shipping container to choose. Besides the size of a shipping container, consider choosing a shipping container that is temperature-controlled. It is required for moving delicate and sensitive parts. When renting a shipping container, also pay attention to the legal part of transportation of goods overseas and read the contract before signing it.

Pack your art properly

When you need to transport something delicate like art, packing is one of the major concerns. Especially when you are moving delicate items overseas.

  • Prepare your work surface and be gentle with your new piece of art. Make sure you have enough warping material and the right size boxes for packing artwork before you start packing.
  • Cover unframed artwork with acid-free, archival-quality glassine paper (if you are going to roll your painting,) – this will protect them from moisture and dust. If you are transporting multiple pieces in a tube, then place a sheet of glassine paper between each work before rolling.
  • When moving glass or acryl, tape four artist tape to the surface of glass or acrylic in a star pattern (2 letters X), and the glass won’t break.
  • Protect the corners of the painting with cardboard corner protectors.
  • Keep in mind that your artwork will be a couple of weeks in a shipping container and it will be moving a lot. Wrap artwork in air bubble foil a couple of times when transporting your art from Bahrain to Miami.

Protecting your art is the main factor, not only when moving long-distance, but also, if moving locally. Some of the art are very expensive or they have an emotional value, make sure they will “survive” a long trip from one continent to another.

Loading artwork into a shipping container

After packing art, it is time to load them properly into a shipping container. Fill empty space in a shipping container with additional bubble wrap to avoid movement, because it is now your worst enemy. Don’t save packing material, that mistake can cost a lot. Make sure your art cannot move in the shipping container. As well as packing, unpacking is important too

Shipping containers for rransporting your art from Bahrain to Miami.
The most important thing is to transport art safely without any damages, so learn how to pack and load

Hire a reliable transportation company

Transporting your art from Bahrain to Miami cannot be done without a company specialized in this field. Transporting overseas is not a task to do by yourself, it is impossible. Research moving companies from Bahrain specialized in transporting artwork overseas, in this case to the USA. One of the companies to consider as your assistance is Four Winds Bahrain.

Before hiring any company, make sure that they are licensed, insured, experienced, and reliable. Don’t hire a company you cannot trust and don’t hire a company you will find first. Choose a couple of companies and compare them – their prices and services. It is crucial when transporting items overseas and moving to another continent.

Starting art business in Miami

If you are opening a gallery in Miami, besides transporting art, you need to rent office space in Miami. Miami, FL is a great location for starting a business and to show people artwork from another country. If you will transport artwork often from Bahrain to Miami, find a transportation company to work with. If you are satisfied with their services, don’t look for another company.

Art gallery.
If you are opening an art gallery in Miami, find a perfect spot for the artwork and run your business from there

Renting a storage unit in Miami

Transporting your art from Bahrain to Miami is only half on the job, you also need to think about storing your artwork after moving them. Especially if you have a lot of artwork and it is your job. Renting a storage unit is one of the safest ways for your artwork. You can even rent a climate-controlled storage unit if your items are sensitive to high temperatures. Also, if you are moving from Bahrain to Miami, by renting a storage facility all your household items will be safely stored until you find a place to stay in Miami.

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