Should you buy a beach house in Delray Beach

Homes on the beach.

Living on the beach is most people’s dream. Florida is one of the best locations where to buy a beach house because it has a lot of white beautiful sand beaches and life there is relatively affordable (compared to other US states). Before you buy a beach house in Delray Beach, how to be sure it is the right decision for you? Should you buy it or not? Is Delray Beach the right location for you and what is the real estate market there? Will this beach house be your vacation home or your main home? So many questions to answer before taking this big financial step, and also, owning a house is a big responsibility.

Delray Beach is a town in Palm Beach County, FL and it has a population of almost 69,000. The median home value is $270,000 and about 60% of residents are owning a place here. Of course, homes closer to the beach are more expensive and there are some mansions that are listed for 1 million dollars. It is one of the best places where to live in Florida and many young professionals choose to live here. Living here will give you the feeling that you are on vacation 24/7. Warm weather, beautiful beaches, clear water, tourists, restaurants, bars, etc.

Is Delray Beach, FL for you?

If you have never been to Delray Beach, you should live there first and then decide it is a place for you or not. If you are able, spend a couple of months there and you will see is it worth it to buy a house or not. Consider other beach towns in Florida too and choose the best for you. Research places to live in Miami Dade County and other counties and you will have a better picture of what Florida can offer. Buying a house is a big commitment, that is why you need to think about the location. Talk to locals because neighbors are important too. You can learn a lot from them about the town and a lifestyle there.

A house on the beach.
Delray Beach has beautiful houses 

Questions to ask yourself before you buy a beach house in Delray Beach

Before you buy a beach house in Delray Beach, there are some questions to ask yourself in order to decide is it a good idea or not. It depends on many different factors and of course, your lifestyle.

  1. What is your budget and what type of home can you afford in Delray Beach? Set your budget and be realistic, don’t search for homes above your price range.
  2. Can you travel frequently to Delray Beach? If you are buying a beach house as your vacation home, will you be able to be there often? If you are from Florida, then you can probably spend a weekend there with your friends and family, but if you don’t live in FL, then you probably should not buy it.
  3. When you are not there, will you rent your beach house or not? Delray Beach has a lot of tourists every year, so consider renting it and earn money of your property. Use different websites to promote your property and to attract potential tourists.
  4. Saltwater is corrosive, sand will be inside of your house, are you ready for more responsibilities? Extra maintenance is required and it also costs. Who will take care of the house and clean it?
  5. Insurance costs are higher for beach homes, so choose the right type of flood insurance, and don’t forget about hurricanes. They are often in Florida. Make sure you are financially stable and that you can afford all the costs.
  6. If you will move to Delray Beach for good, how will you find a reputable crew to transport all your possessions to a new house? It is not easy and simple to transport all the items safely that is why you need professionals.
Questions to ask before you buy a beach house in Delray Beach
Have you decided whether to buy a beach house in Delray Beach?

Moving to your new home in Delray Beach

If you have decided to buy a beach house in Delray Beach, then it is time to hire a real estate agent and to start organizing your relocation there (if you are going to live there for good). The easier way to move your household items to a new house is to hire a professional moving company. Explore local companies and make sure they are reliable and experienced. Guys from City Movers will never let you down.

A ding for a house for sale.
When you find a perfect home, make an offer and buy it

In conclusion – the pros and cons of buying a beach property

If you can afford to live in Florida (and most people in the USA do because it is affordable), then a beach house does not have to be only a vacation home. You can live there for good. But, owning a beach house has its pros and cons too. Some of the pros are:

  • It is a good investment, usually because it is on the beach
  • If you are having a vacation always in the same place, it is cost-effective
  • When you buy a beach house in Delray Beach, you can always rent is because there are a lot of tourists

The cons:

  • There may be some rental challenges off-season
  • Insurance for a beach home is more expensive
  • If you are having a vacation home, you won’t research other places

It takes time and money to buy a beach house in Delray Beach, but it may be worth it. You can live there or use it as your second home. While you are not there, you can earn money by renting it. So, who’s way, you won’t lose money. Write down all the pros and cons and then make a decision.

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