City vs Suburbs – where to live in Florida

Miami skyline.

Moving to Florida is a decision you won’t regret making wherever you come from. Florida is a great place to live in. No state income tax, cheap housing prices, plenty of job opportunities as well as nice weather and a lot of tourists. Sounds like a perfect place. But how to choose between living in the city and living in the suburbs. If you have to make the decision on where to live in Florida, we can help you decide.

Your options regarding the decision on where to live in Florida.

Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale are just some of many beautiful cities in Florida. These cities have their suburbs. Many people live here and many people want to live here. If you are one of them, we are here to tell you about living in Florida.

It is very hot in Florida

Living in the city can be unbearable sometimes because of the heat and humidity, especially in coastal cities. This is where the humidity is very high. For people who haven’t lived in such weather conditions, living in the city can be awful. Hot pavement, tall glass buildings that reflect the sun, cars, buses, a lot of people. When you gather it all, it really sounds bad. But there is a way for you to cool down during the hot summer days.

Beautiful beaches may affect your final choice on where to live in Florida

City beaches are always full of people, both residents and tourists. But we can’t blame them. The beaches in Florida alone will make you want to call the experienced and professional movers at and move to the coast right away. On the other hand, if you live in the suburbs of big cities, you can comfortably enjoy the beauty of beaches without any tourists. This is the first reason why living in the suburbs is better than living in the city when it comes to Florida.

A view of one beach in Miami that can help you decide where to live in Florida.
City beaches are always full of people. Luckily, that’s not the case with beaches that belong to the suburbs.

Insects and reptiles spoil the joy

Because of such climate, insects and reptiles are present all year round. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or in the suburbs. But as there are more people in the city, there are fewer reptiles. This is because they don’t enjoy being around so many people and there are many threats to them in the city. So if you are extremely scared of snakes and lizards, living in the city is a better option for you because you won’t see them that often.

Housing options

If you want to live in a house, the suburbs are for you. There aren’t many houses in the city centers. Only apartments and condos. Luckily, suburban houses in Florida are considered to be one of the most beautiful ones in the country. They are all painted with light colors such as pink, yellow, and blue. There are palm trees everywhere and exotic looking flowers. This is a very elder-friendly look and that’s why many retired people move to Florida.

Housing prices are crucial when thinking about where to live in Florida

The median home value in Florida is $235,500 and the median rent price is $1,800. This is very cheap considering what you are paying for. Both apartments and houses have similar prices. So as far as prices go, it’s the same. That’s why you have to consider all these other factors that we mentioned and that we will mention.

Have in mind that suburban movers are cheaper than city movers. So it is best to find your helpers in Lake Mary when moving to FL or any other suburb.

A wooden model house next to three piles of coins.
Housing prices are similar in the city and in the suburbs.

Job opportunities

When deciding where to live in Florida, you have to consider job opportunities. Suburbs don’t have many of them. This means that if you live in the suburbs you will have to go to the city every day for work by either car or public transport. Even though suburbs are not so far away from the cities, there can always be traffic on the way to work. And there are many job opportunities in cities. For example, job opportunities in Tampa are expanding every year as many people have started opening up their own businesses.Miami is also a city that is evolving and getting stronger each year because of start-ups and small businesses.


As far as education goes, the schools in the suburbs are much better. They are smaller, which makes it much easier for the teacher to work with your child. Smaller schools also mean that there are fewer chances for your child to be a victim of bullying. Bullying is a big problem in big schools in Florida’s big cities. But the overall education in both big and small schools is great. Florida really puts a lot of effort into its schools. This is the main reason why so many families have been relocating to the Sunshine State in the last few years.


Safety is very important for everyone. From small children to elderly people. Florida isn’t considered to be a very safe state but the government is working on fixing this issue. If you ask us, the suburbs are much safer than the cities. They are smaller and there is less space for crimes.

A person in a jail cell.
Crime used to be a big problem for Florida but now the government is working to improve safety.

The overall feel

When choosing where to live in Florida, you have to keep in mind one thing. All bigger cities are wild and crazy. And Florida has some big cities. So if you want to avoid living that kind of a lifestyle, the suburbs are for you. The suburbs are more relaxed and spread out.


We can’t possibly tell you where to live in Florida but we can present you with your options. Living in the suburbs is always a much better choice if you want peace and safety. You are a short drive away from the city and yet you don’t experience the craziness every day. It’s up to you to decide where to live in Florida.

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