Organize your move from Florida to Virginia like a professional

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Moving is usually fun. Well, the idea of it at least. But when it comes to organizing and the execution part, that’s when people realize this is not a simple task. In order for you to organize your move from Florida to Virginia like a pro, you have to prepare well. Here are some of the things that will help you prepare and have a stress-free relocation!

A move from Florida to Virginia – organize it like a pro

There are actually quite a few important things you have to do before the actual move. So, if you want to organize it in the best possible way, here’s a little list to help you get started:

  • Decluttering
  • Renting out a storage unit
  • Packing
  • person writing and organising the move
    In order to organize your move from Florida to Virginia like a pro, you have to make a good plan and prepare well!


Preparing for the move is usually how you end up decluttering your home. Unless you like to clean and get rid of unwanted things regularly, then you probably did it already. But in case you did not, here are some of the things you should know about decluttering. First, make sure to bring out all of your possessions to one place. Then sort out things you need and use and things that you should get rid of. You don’t have to throw them away. You can always give them away. The most important part is that you clean out and get rid of unnecessary items. This will make your packing and moving process so much easier!

Renting out a storage unit

This is the best solution in case you have too many things and not enough space in your new home. However, before renting one, you should think about your needs and expectations. It’s very important to find units that provide special conditions if your items require it. Even if they don’t, it’s much better for your items to stay in climate-controlled storage due to their safety. You can control the temperature and humidity so your items are safe and sound.

Packing like a pro

Another task that seems easy until you start doing it. Before you even start packing, make sure you are prepared. You have to get proper packing materials in order to protect your household items during transport. Big and secure boxes, as well as plastic bins, are a must. When packing breakable items, make sure to wrap and secure them well. You should use packing paper, or even better a bubble wrap. Make sure to have some packing tape nearby in case you need to secure your boxes. Another important thing – label the boxes! This is a crucial thing for both packing and unpacking after the transportation!

dog in the box
Make sure to get all the necessary packing materials before you start packing!

Hire professional assistance

People tend to get involved in the relocation process and realize halfway through how hard and overwhelming it actually is. This is the main reason why we always point out the importance of hiring professional assistance. These people are know how to handle every task regarding relocations. They know how to pack and unpack, how to transport your items without any damage and so much more! Hiring a professional company like Zippy Shell Moving and Storage NV can guarantee a stress-free relocation since your items are in a hands of professionals.

Transport for your move from Florida to Virginia

Organizing a transfer is not an easy task. Besides all of the above-mentioned things, you also have to organize the transfer of your household items and possessions from Florida to Virginia. And considering it’s a long-distance move, it requires so much more attention. Our sincere advice is to hire professionals and let them handle this part of the relocation process. You can rest assured they will deliver your items in one piece and on time. With this being handled, you can focus on other things you have to accomplish before the move.

Do your research, then do some more so you can prepare

Moving to another country is fun and exciting, but it also requires research. In order for you to fit in quickly, you should learn as much as you can about the place you are moving to. In this case, you have nothing to worry about – Virginia is an amazing place to live in and we got you covered! Besides amazing and breathtaking nature for both mountain and beach lovers, the state has so many things to offer. High-class education, a growing economy, and top-notch health care are just a few on the list. You will also get a chance to experience all four seasons and learn so much about history because it’s everywhere!

sea under sunset
You can enjoy a walk with a beautiful view at one of the Virginia Beaches!


Make sure your new address is updated everywhere

This one is logical but can still slip your mind. Besides your close family and friends, you should also notify your bank and other facilities that might require this information. Your personal documentation should also be updated with the new address just to be sure. Also, make sure to update all your subscriptions. In case you don’t need it, you can just cancel it or simply update the address.

Moving day

Now that you are all packed and ready to move here are some final tips when the moving day arrives! The first one is to make sure you stay healthy and rested. You’ll need a lot of energy and a clear mind in order for everything to go smoothly. The next one is to make another checklist. This one will help you out with the final check and keeping everything under control. A checklist is the best way to keep everything organized and have a stress-free move.

Get ready, set, MOVE

Make sure to follow this guide and we are sure everything with your move from Florida to Virginia will be fine! Good luck and enjoy the new chapter of your life!



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