How to declutter your home?

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When spring arrives, we all become more moody and happier. But we must admit that spring brings things that we do not really like. Spring cleaning and tidying the house. Removing unnecessary items from untidy or overcrowded rooms can bring nothing more than anxiety and stress to us. Decluttering your house doesn’t have to require fancy expensive tools and much time. It requires good will and organization!
Before you start to declutter your home, we suggest you to make a plan! Write down items that you need to declutter, put away, fix, recycle or donate. Write down rooms in your place and pick each day in the week for each room. That’s the first step in decluttering your home without being nervous and stressed. When you make an organizational plan, start with a first room! Let’s see some tips that may be able to help you!

Declutter your home start with Kitchen:

Decluttering the kitchen is probably the hardest task in the house after the closet and clothing part. It’s a big challenge for all women to keep the kitchen clutter-free since there are so many items for cooking, eating, organizing, cleaning and other stuff. If you want to declutter your home and start with the kitchen, that will probably start with kitchen tools: dashing boards, old forks, and knives used plates, old clothes, bakeware, and such. First, try to clean the kitchen. But before that, you need to empty the kitchen. The fridge, the stove and the huge parts of the kitchen can stay. Start with upper cabinets and remove glasses and plates that you’re not using. Then go onto the lower cabinets and drawers. Don’t forget on the space under the sink! That is usually very dirty.

declutter your home start with kitchen
Start your home decluttering process with the kitchen!

For decluttering, you can take 3 boxes. One can serve to throw the garbage. The second box should be for „put away“ things. And the third box can be for „donate“ things. In these boxes, after cleaning, you can arrange things from the kitchen. Very simple and easy. If you have plenty of detail and small things in the kitchen, you can buy jars or plastic bags and put stickers on them, on which they will write, for example, tapes, spices, plastic forks and spoons, pasta, cake molds, etc. Then arrange everything on shelves and keep your kitchen fresh and clean!


If you want to declutter your home, wardrobe and clothing may be a real nightmare to you! Especially if you are women. Women’s wardrobes contain a ton of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry. If you want to get rid of unnecessary clothes, it’s best to choose a clothing category, such as jackets or t-shirts, and start with that. There are certain things you have not worn in the past year. Though they are dear to you, it is best to remove them or give them to someone. If you just put clothes on the shelves, everything will look messy and you’ll have more work on cleaning. So, put away things you don’t use. Also, put away things that are ready for the laundry room. You can add more space by putting socks and underwear in a practical shape in drawers. You can look at these cool ways on the Internet.


When it comes to the bathroom, while you declutter your home, this part of the house is not so tiring, but it can bring a lot of cleaning. Start with details and stuff in your cabinets. Throw away old empty bottles and everything that you’re not using. Clean the cabinet and open windows to bring some fresh air. When it comes to shower/tab, clean sink and remove old bathroom drape. You can buy cheap plastic door hanging organizer where you can put towels and accessorize for the bathroom. This way your bathroom will look more empty and vast.

Decluttering your home and bring in some fresh air!

Living room:

There’s a lot of work here when you start to declutter your home since living rooms have plenty of furniture and stuff. Even if you’re cleaning your living room on a daily and weakly basis, there are always things to do. If you have bookshelves you should start by cleaning the dust from them. If there are some books you don’t need to put them away or give them to your friends. You can add more space to shelves and donate books to a local library. Pack everything nicely and create more space. Why not?

declutter your home with living room
With the decluttering process underway your home will be grateful to you!

Throw away things you don’t use from coffee and other tables. There are always piles of stuff that no one is using and they just gathering the dust. Everything looks messy and dirty then. When it comes to electronics, store gadgets, and chargers into one drawer. Make sure you know which drawer is for which stuff. It’s better to store gaming and PC stuff in a drawer then just letting them stay in the room and taking up space and collecting the dust. Here is a suggestion in case you are relocating your household goods.

Small decluttering tips:

Throw into trash everything with an expiry date, from food, drinks to cosmetics. Donate or put away everything you’re not using: clothes, shoes, furniture, books etc. Declutter gadgets that you’re not using or sell it online! Banish all plastic bags, and keep reusable bags that can save you money. Get rid of CDs and Videotapes, come on it’s the digital age. You can store movies and music on USB or PC. Invest in a stylish basket where you can put things or children’s toys and empty your room. More space and minimalism makes your room look clean, fresh and new. You can invite over your friend to help you. Play some music, order a pizza and have fun while you declutter your home! If you hold a garage sale, learn how to maximize garage sale profits with our suggestions.

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