How to organize a craft room work space

A big pile of various items before you organize a craft room workspace

Moving into a new, bigger home has given you a chance to make space only for yourself. And if you like all those DIY projects you see on the internet, you’re gonna need a specially designed place in your house to try them out. However, having a craft room is often a messy project, because of the many tiny parts, tools, etc. Luckily, we’re here to help you out. Here’s a guide on how to organize a craft room workspace and have a spacious and productive space just for you. Let’s start!

Why is it important to stay organized in your craft room workspace?

Well, when doing a project in your craft room, it’s all about productivity and creativity. However, if everything is messy and you can’t find a tool when you need it – your projects will take much more time. Also, you can get frustrated easily in such a mess and give up on a certain cool project. That’s why the organization is important – keep order among your creativity!

First things first…

declutter so you can organize a craft room workspace. Go through your items and remove anything you won’t need in the future. Leftovers that can’t be used, damaged tools, etc. Once you’re left with only the things you’ll actually use, you can start sorting them out.

a person trying to organize a craft room workspace
When you want to organize a craft room workspace, you need to get rid of the mess and clutter first.

Use boxes/baskets to organize a craft room workspace

After you declutter your craft room, it’s time to sort things out. We advise dividing items into categories – paper, ribbons, tools, etc. You can use boxes, baskets, or organizers to separate them. This way, you’ll have everything in order, so it’s much easier to find something you need.

organized colorful sewing supplies
When your supplies are well-organized and clearly visible, every DIY project is much more enjoyable.


After yous rot items by boxes/baskets, it’s very useful to label each group. This is especially important if you’re going to keep these baskets on a shelf. So, if each basket is labeled with its contents, it will be much easier to find something, and keep everything organized in the future.

Bonus tip: You can use stickers or write on the boxes to label your items. But, a labeling machine is a much better option. It’s easy to use and will make your craft room a more professional and organized look.

Use shelves

Shelves are probably the most useful item you’ll get when organizing a craft room workspace. Have multiple shelves installed all around, so you can have everything clearly visible. You can choose between open and closed shelves, as well as drawers. We advise you to use open shelves for the things you use the most, and those rarely used crafts can be stored inside a drawer or on a closed shelf.

Be practical

The whole point of this organizing project is to make sure everything is at hand, and easy to use. Therefore it’s good to keep the items you use the closest to your working area. This includes scissors, tape, a glue gun, a pen, etc. When these common items are clearly visible and easy to reach, you will definitely need less time to do any project.

organized craft supplies on a table
Keep all the items you need more often close to your main working area so you can have an organized craft room workspace

Have a dedicated working area

Once you organized your items by drawers, boxes, or baskets, you should now have a clean working area. If not, it’s good to get a desk which should be a clean and mess-free central workspace. This will be an area of your craft room where you can start your projects, and where you can make something without any obstacles. Here you can use a big desk, or countertops, installed at the standing height. These will help you avoid back pain from sitting for a long time. Find a taller chair and avoid bending your neck and chair for a much more comfortable working atmosphere.

Get a pegboard

One of the must-have items in every craft room is a pegboard. It’s one of the best ways to organize a craft room workspace and make your tools and supplies easily reachable. There are various options in terms of sizes and colors, so choose one according to your own workspace. Pegboards are amazing for keeping your supplies, tools, notes, etc. You can easily find them in Ikea, Amazon, or other stores that sell office supplies. If you can’t find a color you like – simply get a white one and spray-paint it however you want. it’s simple and easy, and you can get a statement piece in your craft room.

Don’t forget about the lights

Lighting is one of the most important factors in every craft room workspace. The best option possible is to have a lot of windows that will allow the right amount of natural light. It’s the most comfortable option for your eyesight. Also, the natural light is good for taking photos of your craft – in case you want to run a blog or share your crafts on social media networks. In case you don’t have the option of good natural lighting, be sure to invest in pleasant LED lights that will help you see and take pictures better.

Make habit of organizing your craft room workspace regularly

There’s no point to organize a craft room workspace if you don’t want to keep it that way. It’s okay to make games after an interesting project, but make sure you get everything back in its place after you’re done. Maintaining order in your craft room is the key to having a great workspace all the time. Dedicate a couple of minutes to taking everything back after you’re finished, and also do some additional organizing once in a while. Enjoy your creative oasis!

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