Moving to Miami during the school year

A child drawing after moving to Miami during the school year.

As a parent, you go above and beyond for your child. You watch over them and make sure they are happy and healthy, and that they have everything they need at all times. But there is only so much you can do and sometimes, not even you can protect your kids from some things. Moving to Miami during the school year is one of them.

We wholeheartedly understand your decision to move to Miami. After all, the biggest city in Florida is an impressive place. And if you play your cards right, Miami can be a good place for family life. Whether you are forced to move to Miami for work or you have found your dream home and don’t want to pass it up, moving during the school year will be challenging for your kids. But children are adaptable. All they need for surviving this new situation will be some guidance from you, and all you need will be some tips from us, your Miami Moving Guide.

First and foremost, talk to your children before moving to Miami during the school year

Moving to a new place will be difficult for you, and you are a grown-up who has made the decision to move. Imagine how difficult and confusing it will be for your kids. It does not matter whether you have a teenager or a first grader, the adaptation process will be the same. And that adaptation begins with an honest and open conversation.

A boy in a library.
Your kids will go through incredible changes after moving to Miami during the school year.

Talk to your child as if he or she were your age. Explain to them the reasons why you are moving to Miami, and why they will have to leave their home. Don’t try to sugarcoat it – moving to Miami won’t be easy for anyone involved. However, explain that in the long run, this move will be good for the whole family. Finally, don’t be delusional. You can rest assured your kid will act out to a certain extent, no matter if they are going to a primary school or high school. This is a challenging¬†time for you too, as you must be careful, and understand them, instead of punishing them for their behavior.

Prepare everything for your child’s arrival and departure

Anyone with the knowledge on the subject will tell you that informing the new school of your child’s arrival is crucial. They need to know what to expect and whether they need to prepare for it. For example, if your child has any special needs or hobbies, the new school should be informed. Moreover, you are not supposed to mention only your child’s weaknesses, but his strengths, too. If your kid excels in any field, such as math or science, you will want for him or her to have the right support for prospering. So, long before the actual move, dedicate a few hours to visiting the old school. See to it that the school records are transferred to the new school and that everything is in perfect order.

A calculator on some documents.
Visit the old school and transfer your child’s school records.

Pay attention to their interests

Like mentioned, if your child is exceptionally good at something, it is your duty to provide them with an opportunity¬†for fulfilling their potential. And they don’t even have to be that good at something, as long as they enjoy doing it. When moving to Miami during the school year, you must inquire about the extracurricular activities the school has. If a school doesn’t have a drama club, and your child has been in one up until one, look around. Perhaps there is an organization that deals with acting and that won’t have anything against welcoming a new member.

It is important for your child to socialize

Besides being able to do something they like, being a member of a club will give your child an opportunity to be around other students. When moving during the school year, the biggest problem will be the fact that your children will not have any friends around. People are social beings, and that does not change just because they are kids. There are many members in a club; at least one of them will turn out to become a good friend to your child. After all, if you have a teenager, there is only so much they will tell you. Teenagers need someone their own age they can vent to, so do your part. Make sure your child has a place for finding new friends after arriving at Miami, which will certainly help them handle homesickness after moving.

Two girls drawing.
Socializing is important for your child when moving to Miami during the school year.

Keep the connections back home

Finally, just because you are moving, it does not mean your past doesn’t exist anymore. Your old friends and the family members that live there should always remain in your life. The worst thing you could do would be not to encourage your kids to keep in touch with people back home. One simple phone call can go a long way, and there is no reason not to do it. This is especially crucial for those first days and weeks when your kid does not have new friends. Calling the old ones even for a few minutes could give them the courage they need for surviving this period. And don’t let this end once your children find new friends. There is no such thing as having too many friends, remember that.

The conclusion

No one can tell you that moving to Miami during the school year will be easy. It will be difficult for both you and your kids, and there is no way around it. However, if you stick together as a family, we can guarantee that everything will turn out okay. Just remember to stay supportive, because your kids will certainly need it.

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