Five reasons to move to Miami

Amazing Miami landscape is one of the reasons to move to Miami.

Aside from being the cultural, economic, and financial center of the Sunshine State, Miami is also one of the best cities in the world to live in. If you are thinking about relocating, there are plenty of reasons to choose Miami. Maybe you are tired of your job and looking for new challenges. Perhaps you have had enough of coats, boots and vitamin D shortage. The Magic City is a good place to think about when wanting to solve those problems. Although it is a popular vacation destination, Miami is also home to nearly 400.000 people. If you ask them, be sure that you will hear even more than five reasons to move to Miami. Assuming you like the mix of laid-back seaside vibes, hip urban culture and Latin and US traditions, the center of South Florida is just perfect for you.

List of the five reasons to move to Miami

Port of Miami is the number one passenger port in the world. Be sure that many people who had tasted the tropical island vibe Miami has, decided to come back and settle down. And if they didn’t, they are probably making plans on how to do it in the future.

Skyscrapers on the seashore of Miami
Miami is an amazing city, filled with opportunities of all sorts.


When you think about Miami, your first thought is likely about the white sandy beaches. Light blue water is gently touching the coastline, near which you can see big skyscrapers. The perfect contrast. Miami has some of the biggest and most beautiful beaches in the world. There are all kinds of beaches, from the pet-friendly to the BBQ-ready ones. Some host insanely great parties when the sun goes down. The world’s most famous DJ’s are lining up for those kinds of spectacles.

Even if you are not in the mood for a swim, you can always go rollerblading or biking in a bikini. Residents don’t go to the beach as often as they would like to, but it is nice to have an option. Just imagine: your job is stressing you out, so you go to the beach later in the afternoon and shake it all off. Wouldn’t it be amazing?


You can enjoy the beautiful beaches frequently because Miami is lucky to have a warm climate all year long. You might need a raincoat for the tropical storms in hurricane season, though. Make sure you have your storm kits ready in the summer, in case a monsoon hits. The good news is that the temperature rarely goes below 68.2 °F. You can save your fur coats for New York City visits. Flooding can be your concern. Whether you are buying or renting a home in Miami, try to avoid the floodplain.

On the other hand, there is heat and humidity in Miami, so it is great to have a beach at your disposal. Miami has a year-round good air quality and vast green spaces, so your lungs can catch a break from great amounts of carbon dioxide the other big cities suffer from. Those can be big reasons to move to Miami for some people.

Happy people on the beach in the sunset - reasons to move to Miami
Long sunny days


Miami is located between two National parks, the Florida Everglades to the west and Biscayne Bay on the east. That means you can visit a lot of places and enjoy the outdoors and wildlife. The beautiful scenery can be a distraction, so be careful, because around 200.000 alligators live in the once swampland. You don’t want to have a surprising encounter. Biscayne National Park is a home to America’s only living coral reef – the Florida Reef. You can find the most spectacular flora and fauna there.

Adding to the list of reasons to move to Miami, all you have to decide is what are you in the mood for:

  • Crocodile exhibit – it is much better to encounter them in controlled conditions than by chance.
  • Airboat ride – from north to the south of the state, there are a lot of good locations.
  • Hiking, biking, canoeing – a great choice if you don’t have too much leisure time.
  • Snorkeling – one of the most popular activities in Miami’s warm and calm waters.
  • Scuba diving – for the more adventurous folks who like to explore tropical marine life, shipwrecks, manatees, and reefs.
  • Oceanone of the biggest reasons to move to Miami for some people. If you prefer adrenaline-rush activities, think about speed boats and jet ski, there are plenty of those.
  • Swimming with dolphins – OK, you probably won’t move to Miami just for them, but let’s agree it is a hell of a perk to have.
Clownfish around coral
Unforgettable scuba diving


Culture-rich community alongside vibrant nightlife scene can keep you busy 24/7. If you are more of a museum-person, the town is full of them. A number of open-air galleries will welcome you any day. From Art Deco buildings at the beachfront to the street art of Wynwood Walls, this city has it all. Tourism is one of the city’s largest industries, so you can feel non-stop hustle of Miami, the capital of parties. South  Beach is home to some of the most famed nightclubs in the world, but you can hear traditional Cuban music in bars all over the city. Speaking of Cuban, here you can eat the best Cuban cuisine in the country, whether you prefer restaurants, cafes or food trucks. Trendy, hipster hangouts can be described as Latin, with an American flavor.

People skating
Wide choice of activities by the sea are just some of the reasons to move to Miami


The nickname of Miami is “Capital of Latin America” due to the fact that it is the largest city with a Cuban-American plurality. It is very much a bilingual city, so all of the Spanish you learned through telenovelas will finally pay off. The laid-back lifestyle is present in every aspect of life. Although it is the major center for hospitals, research institutes, and biotechnology industries, people at informal gatherings tend to lead little less career-focused conversations. They separate work from play, and it is a paradise for freelancers. Another example of a laid-back lifestyle is how much everyone is relaxed time-vise. Miami is the sixth most densely populated major city in the US. Therefore, you know the traffic can be brutal. But it is nice that you don’t have to worry if you get stuck in it and be late. People consider you rude if you are on time.

That being said, keep in mind that locals take fashion pretty serious around here. Dress to impress is their motto. Don’t let everyone’s look make you more conscious about your image, but try to stay fit for your own sake. Miami offers you plenty of options to lead a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to be “swimsuit-ready” all the time, but you will fit in easier if you look fit. If you care about your health and fashion, you have all the reasons to move to Miami.

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