Moving in together – 2021 edition

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Moving in together is an important milestone of any relationship. It is an important decision that you have to make in your life. This sort of decision leads to a big change in your life and demands adaptation. It is not only a simple relocation issue. It opens a whole list of questions that you have to deal with and that have to be answered together. This can be complicated and it can lead to stress and strain in the relationship and moving stress can be avoided. So, let’s see what moving in as a couple entails.

The big change

Moving is a big change and it requires proper planning and adaptation. But moving in together is tied to many other dimensions that can make the move even more complete and stressful. There is a whole list of issues that arise from the decision to move in with your partner.

A couple moving boxes
Moving in together is not as easy as it seems

Each of them makes the change complicated and stressful. This means that each of them requires compromise and a clear answer from both sides to resolve successfully. With this decision you open the issue of finding adequate answers to a couple of main questions:

  • Where are you going to live,
  • How to handle your stuff,
  • How to handle finances,
  • Adaptation to living together and¬†organization

Where to live

There are many answers to that question and even if they all seem easy they really aren’t. Both partners may feel uneasy if they decide to move in with the other one. So, it is advisable to search for a third option. Finding an apartment, that both partners will choose together and move into is the perfect solution. This can mark a new chapter in a relationship. This new location must fit both parties’ needs in terms of commute to work or proximity of certain amenities, etc. More importantly, the decision on a new apartment must be a joint decision of a couple. However, you must be careful when renting and you must pay attention to many issues to be on the safe side.

Couple moving a couch and moving in together
Make sure you make your decisions together

How to handle your stuff

To avoid having too much stuff, thus having not having enough space it is advisable to do some decluttering. Both parties can bring to the new home a number of things that they have accumulated and that are the same. So, try to get rid of surplus chairs and coffee tables. Decide which items of furniture will fit your new apartment best and get rid of the surplus. You must make these decisions together to be fair to one another and avoid stress. Keep in mind that you have to strive to make a home and a comfortable environment for both of you as a couple.


Finances in a relationship can be difficult. So, making a plan and agreeing on priorities is important. You should make a plan on how to handle and split the bills, what are the saving priorities or investment opportunities to after. Make a monthly budget and keep track of your joint finances to be fair and avoid disputes. The good news is that living together you both can have much lower living expenses and a much higher joint income. So, opportunities for saving, investing, or enjoying travel and adventure are much larger.

A couple cooking
Make sure you divide your choirs fairly

Adaptation and organization

Moving in is a big change and it can take time for both partners to adapt. It is a process that should not be rushed. Although you may have been together for some time living together is different. So, give yourself some space and be tolerant until you settle in. Also, try to be fair in splitting choirs and tasks around the house. This can help establish a balance between the partners in their new place and ensure an effortless move.¬†So, moving in together is not that easy and simple. It is a process and it takes time. However, you should’ve smart and patient about it and communicate with your partner. This will make it easier on both through this transition stage.

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