Smart moving tips – How to move home stress-free

move your home stress-free

Moving home is probably one of the top 5 stress situations in every person’s life. The problem is the same for everybody – it just takes different shapes and aspects. Moving with kids, having pets, budget problems, packing…the list goes on and on. Avoiding it and staying where you are can be a solution, but it will lead you nowhere. Sometimes, you just need to step up and confront all the issues that may come your way. Even if you maybe still not believe it, there is a way to move home stress-free. We’ll help you with our guide through a stress-less move, and if you follow our tricks and tips, you’ll land to your new destination safe and sound.

Accept the help and learn from others

We all agree that moving house is one of the most stressful events in everybody’s life. Therefore, don’t pretend you can do it all by yourself. If your friends or family members offer you help – accept it. Rule number one in stressful situations – have somebody to lean on. You can ask them to help you with packing, or carrying things on the moving day, taking care of your children or pets while you are doing all the ‘fun’ stuff. Furthermore, you can learn from their mistakes. Ask them for some advice – usually, people enjoy sharing their own experiences which can help you in your stress-free move.  You can’t afford both time and money to make mistakes in this process. Therefore, make a plan first and then think who can help you with some of its items.  Finally, do your research and find help with some ov the good movers NYC and ask the professionals. A good moving company always has a plan and can help you a lot with your moving process.

Save some money on packing equipment

Probably you have to spend all your money on moving and buying a new home. That can be frustrating, especially when you notice your money being spent on small, ‘unimportant’ bits. Now is the time to be thrifty and save every dollar. For example, you can find free boxes to pack your things. Ask your friends and family (in advance) to save boxes when buying some new items or furniture. Also check at your local supermarket, a furniture store or some similar shops to give you some of the boxes – they usually throw them away or recycle. Furthermore do some research on Craigslist under the section ‘free’. There are plenty of places you can find boxes and other equipment (bags, labels) – for free.

Pack the boxes yourself and save some money
Save some money – pack the boxes yourself!

Customize and label

One thing is packing everything and putting it in a truck. But arriving at your new home, and having no idea what’s in each of the boxes can be frustrating. Therefore, you need to organize and label. You can use washi tapes or stickers in different colors to mark boxes for each room with different tape. As a result, movers will know where to put the boxes, and therefore make it easier for you to unpack. Also, using a sharpie to write what is in a box can help a lot.

Protect your furniture

Nothing is more frustrating than unpacking and seeing your favorite table or shelf scratched. So, think carefully and protect your loved furniture.  The best thing to use is probably a cling film to do that. It’s cheap and easy to use and remove. Also, if your furniture pieces have handles, unscrew them and put them in drawers or plastic bags, or screw them on the opposite sides. In that way you will not lose them and they will not scratch other furniture that may be close.

Pack your clothes smart

For this smart and effective move, you will need some plastic bags and a tape. Don’t bother taking your clothes off the hangers and packing them in suitcases or boxes. You can just use big plastic bags, put your clothes on hangers directly in it (just like a suit bag) and tape the top around the hanging part. In that way, you can put clothes directly into your new wardrobe, with hangers, and remove the bags afterwards. Furthermore, this packing style will also protect your clothes from damage and dust.

Move home stress-free: learn how to pack clothes
Learn how to pack clothes, it will help you a lot to move home stress-free

Prepare for the day one

You need to have a ‘survival kit’ for the first day at your new home. That means that you will be tired after you move, and there is no way you can search through boxes for necessary bits and pieces. Therefore, think in advance about what you will need for the first night at your new home. One of the things is clean sheets for your new bed, toilet necessities like a toothbrush, a towel and a hairdryer. Also, we suggest ordering some food – both for the dinner on that night, and some groceries for your fridge. Pack some coffee, some dishes and cups as well.

Make a list and act accordingly

Make a list to avoid stress

Yes, we gave you some tips on how to pack and avoid stress. But the most important thing to do is to make a list of your own. That list should include what are the things to pack, and when. Timing is very important. Make a plan and stick to it to avoid stress. The plan and the list will save you from wasting time. It can help you pack efficiently and do everything on time, slowly and most importantly – without stress. Nobody can help you more that yourself. If you are having some troubles, check New York moving services to help you and guide you through the moving process.

Finally, here is the best advice we can give you – enjoy. You are doing something you want and love – you are moving to your new home. This process can and should be easy and fun for you and your family. Good luck with your move!

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