Moving from LA to Miami – What to expect?

Moving form LA to Miami may bring you a better nightlife

Relocating coast-to-coast in the USA is a major step to take. Whatever the reason for leaving Los Angeles might be, you need to be prepared in advance. There is no city like the City of Angels! LA is an amazing city that has a lot to offer, but it has its downsides as well as benefits. So, if moving from LA to Miami is your decisions, it would be appropriate to find out what to expect. The two cities are different in many ways. You will be able to witness this yourself after you move. However, they do have some similarities. If you chose to leave Los Angeles, you may find Miami’s differences appealing. If you are reluctantly leaving your hometown, not to worry, there are ways to find advantages of Miami lifestyle.

you will not be missing palm trees after moving from LA to Miami
Palm trees can be found in both LA and Miami.

Get ready for an overall environment change

Palm trees and beaches might have you thinking that LA and Miami are two very similar cities, environment-wise. But you are about to have a totally new experience after moving to the Sunny State. Miami’s weather, beaches, and landscapes are not the same as LA’s. So be prepared for some changes.

You should be prepared for the change of climate after moving from LA to Miami

As far as weather is concerned, you are about to experience some major changes. Both cities are in fact known to have warm weather for the better part of the year. But this is where climate similarities end. LA has a pleasant and sunny weather year round. Most importantly, it’s not very humid. Quite the opposite. And relocating to Miami means getting used to humidity. Winters in Miami are mostly pleasant and sunny. However, here there is such a thing as a hurricane season. So from June to November, be sure to follow the weather forecast. Also, you need to get used to sweating virtually all the time. Other than the daily downpour which you can expect during the entire summer, you will meet hot weather and high UV radiation levels. All in all, Miami weather is going to be a big change for you. 

Beaches have almost nothing in common

If you look at both cities having sunny beaches and immediately think the experience is going to be similar, you would be wrong. Moving from LA to Miami means having a completely different beach experience. In Los Angeles, people normally do not swim in the ocean as much. The water is cold and the waves are huge. It is great for surfers and paddle-boarders, though. But swimming is something Miami beaches are perfect for. The ocean is peaceful and wading in water and swimming is a wonderful way to spend time.

You will finally be able to enjoy swimming in the ocean
You can forget about surfing, instead, start enjoying swimming and wading in the ocean.

Miami landscape is completely different than LA’s

While living in LA, you get used to diverse landscapes. There is a great variety of scenery in and around the City of Angels. Beaches, hills, desert, mountain – you can find all of these in the immediate proximity of Los Angeles. Miami, however, is as flat as a pancake. No hills, no mountains, quite monotonous, one might say. Also, people coming to Miami from LA have noted that Miami is a much cleaner city. This is something you will surely appreciate. Los Angeles is larger than Miami, which has more suburban than people imagine it to be. Do note that you will find some relief from the notorious LA traffic. But not a lot. In Miami, there is less traffic, but public transport is reportedly not as good as LA’s public transport. So you will probably still be required to use a car.

Moving from LA to Miami doesn't mean you can ditch your car!
You will escape the LA traffic, but you will probably need a car.

Not knowing how to speak any Spanish might be a problem

There are, of course, people in Miami who do not speak Spanish. Nevertheless, the majority of residents do. Miami is a gateway to the Carribean and Latin America and more than 60% of residents are Hispanic. So Spanglish is the way to go! Living in Los Angeles might have you thinking you are used to diversity, but Miami is even more diverse. Moreover, there is a greater sense of mingling among different cultures. LA, on the other hand, seems a bit more segregated. Try learning some Spanish before moving, if you feel motivated. It might help to settle in a new environment you after you relocate. Official statistics are that:

  • 23.04% of Miami residents speak only English
  • 76.96% speak other languages
  • Spanish is spoken by 69.96% of the population.

You could hire someone to help relocate

Finally – you are about to move long-distance. This is a serious process which can be quite long and stressful. So try to make it easier by hiring professional movers. They can help you go through moving from LA to Miami feel like a walk in the park. Pack everything in time. This will help you feel more organized. If you need you can ask you movers for packing advice. They can explain how to use a custom package to fit your specific needs, for example. You are preparing for a long distance relocation, so ask for any help you can get.

How do you feel about moving from LA to Miami after reading this? Are you confident about your decision? Or are you having seconds thoughts? It is definitely going to be a big change for you. But don’t worry. Change is often a good thing. There are many things you will miss about Los Angeles – its dry weather or beautiful landscapes. But living in Miami has many benefits as well. And you will surely be able to enjoy it the way you have enjoyed living in LA. After all, Miami is also known as Magic City and there are plenty of reasons for such a nickname!

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