Items movers in Miami won’t move

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You need to move soon and it is time to pack your home. You have found a moving company for your Miami relocation, but when it comes to packing you don’t know what is forbidden to move. Yes, there are items movers in Miami won’t move because of many reasons, something is too valuable, something is hazardous, flammable, perishable, etc. So, let’s see what can be moved and what you should not move.

Packing boxes and loading them into a moving truck - the illustration of what items movers in Miami won't move
Packing is one of the biggest parts of moving, and you should know what items movers in Miami won’t move

What items movers in Miami won’t move?

Knowing what items can be moved, will save you time and money when packing for Miami relocation.

  • Hazardous items movers in Miami won’t move, or movers in any other city. It is dangerous for you, the people around you, the company’s workers, and for the rest of your items. These items are gas, firework, car batteries, oxygen bottles, guns, propane tanks, etc. Moving dangerous items is forbidden and against the law.
  • Perishable food such as vegetables, fruits, and animal products movers refuse to transport in their moving vehicles. For transporting food, a vehicle must be temperature-controlled because it should be like a fridge.
  • Valuable items such as documents and jewelry. Also, if something is too special for you, for example, family photos, you should transport it yourself. It is a big responsibility for moving companies to transport valuables because if something happens, they must cover damage, which is very expensive.
  • Movers won’t move pets unless they are a specialized company for pet’s transportation. Depending on the pet you have, solutions are different. If you have a dog, he/she can be with you during travel. But, exotic pets and fishes, for example, need to be transported by professionals. The most important thing is that your pet is relocated safely.
  • Just like pets, plants are other items movers in Miami won’t move for you. Temperature changes closed space, can damage your plants. Also, if you are moving from Miami to colder places, some plants can’t survive low temperatures and lack of sunlight. You can move plants if it is a local move.
  • If you love diving, scuba gear is something movers will not move because of oxygen bottles.
  • Big and heavy items such as hot tub or piano. In this case, hire a company in Miami who can handle it.

Find a company for moving special items

If you need to move some special items, for example, a hot tub, piano, pets, plants, art, you should choose reliable movers in Miami who can handle these items and a company with experience.

Professional packers.
Do you want to move special items? Then you need a special moving company to solve the problem

If you have items movers in Miami won’t move, it doesn’t mean you can’t move it, you just need to find another solution which is safe. Safe for people around those items and the items too. If you are moving long-distance, keep in mind that transportation will be long and items need to be packed properly and protected.


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