Best packing tips for Miami relocation

packing tips

We all know that packing can be quite an adventure. When we realize we have to relocate, the only thing on our mind is endless packing ahead of us. But packing doesn’t have to be difficult. With these packing tips, you will relocate to Miami alone without any stress.

Before you start packing

Before you start organizing your Miami relocation, consider finding affordable housing in Miami. After you know your future residence, you can start organizing the relocation process. Keep in mind that relocation preparations, packing and moving may take time. That is why professionals advise that you start a month in advance. If you are moving a long distance to Miami, moving preparations may take up even more time. Consult your movers about your relocation and the moving deadline. If it is the busiest moving season, schedule a move in advance. That way you will avoid common moving troubles and additional moving charges or delays.

packing boxes
Your Miami movers will calculate the price of your move by the weight of your entire shipment.

It is best to pack everything before your movers arrive on a moving day. That is why you should organize your packing process a week before moveout date. You can begin with getting the idea of how much belongings you need to relocate. To make the pecking process easier, consider decluttering your home. Getting rid of the non-essential items may even save you money during relocation, especially if you move long distance. Usually, movers will calculate the price of your move by the weight of your entire shipment. If your cargo weighs less, you can save quite a bit. To save as much as you can, try selling the items you no longer need or use online. Also, if you have time, you can organize a garage sale.

Packing tips that make your life easier

Make an inventory list

One of the best packing tips that may make your packing experience less stressful is to create an inventory list. The list of your inventory describes all of your belongings in detail. The inventory list will help you declutter even more and be of great help while packing. You can make different inventory lists for every room if you have too many belongings. Keeping track of your belongings will be also helpful when you unpack.

Dont pack the „forbidden“ items

Various moving companies may not transport certain items. The transport of forbidden items may be forbidden by law in standard moving transport, may require special documentation. Also, those items may endanger the relocation process while all of your possessions are in transport. That is why you should consult your movers about those items before you start packing. You can forget to ask and pack „forbidden“ items. Then your movers may have to repack all of your boxes. On the other hand, if your movers don’t know about those items during relocation they can pay a fine and suffer delays.

Every mover will offer you the list of items they won’t relocate. Make sure to ask your movers for the list of „forbidden“ items before you start packing. Some of those items may include:

  • Explosives
  • Guns
  • Plants
  • Pets
  • Hazardous materials
  • Perishable foods
  • Flammable liquids
  • Gasoline
  • Fireworks
  • Jewelry and cash

Keep in mind that some movers may pack your valuable items. If you let them know about your items of special value, your items may pack and secure them properly. Also, they may offer insurance for the valuables during relocation.

Let your movers know if you have fragile items that require special care.

Best packing tips

We all fear the packing process, but with few smart moving tips, packing can be less stressful. Pack like a professional with these packing tips.

Use the boxes of various sizes

When you use the right size boxes for your items, your packing process may be easier. You can pack heavier items in small boxes. That way your movers will not complain and you will avoid the possible damage during transport.

Don’t leave empty spaces

One of the most important packing tips is to avoid leaving empty spaces when you pack your boxes. Consider using packing materials to fill the gaps. If you don’t have any professional packing materials, make sure to fill the gaps with t/shirts and towels. If you forget filing the gaps your items may move and break during transport.

Label all the boxes with markers

Before your movers arrive, make sure to label all the boxes. You can also make a numbering system and label the box. That way your movers will get around your new home and put each box in the assigned room. Make sure to label all of the boxes that contain fragile items.

Use professional packing materials

If you pack all of your belongings by yourself, make sure to use the best packing materials. That way you will secure your items for transport. If you are on a budget make sure to find as much packing supplies as you can. Instead of plastic wrapping materials, you can use blankets and towels and t-shirts to wrap your items.

Empty your fridge and defrost the freezer

One of the most important things you should do before your movers arrive on a moving day is to defrost your freezer. Your movers cannot pack bulky items like freezers and refrigerators if they are in use.

pack the box of essentials
Don’t forget to pack the box of essentials.

If your Miami movers pack your belongings

The best way to relocate to Miami is to hire professional Miami movers. They can plan the entire relocation process for you and organize everything. Also, your movers can pack all of your belongings in one day. Contact your Miami movers for the best moving quote. If your movers pack you, make sure to point out point out all the expensive items you wish to relocate. That will create your expensive items in a special way.

Pack the essentials

One of the most important packing tips, when your movers pack your items, is to pack the essentials box. Take with you all the important documents, passports, money and medication and jewelry. That way you won’t have to search through your boxes for essentials before you unpack.

Make sure to label all of your boxes before the moving day.

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