How to Move Your Artwork – 5 Useful Tips

Fragile sign on the box - when moving special items to Florida you must be well prepared.

So, the time is near, You are moving and the problem is: How do I move my artwork? You realize that the problem is more serious than you thought and that you don’t have a clue how to start figuring it all out. Well, you can use some tips and a reliable moving partner right about now. We will try to help, So How to Move Your Artwork?

Carefully –  plan, prepare and pack

Well, you must plan carefully for the move of your valuables. The artwork is particularly fragile and in most cases priceless and irreplaceable. Whether its a canvas painting, print or a framed family photo it may need special attention when packing. But the artwork is not always flatpack, you may have small and large sculptures, vases or unique lamps that are 3D and require much more care and attention when packing and cause much more stress. So you will always have two choices, to pack by yourself or let professionals pack your artwork. Both of these options have their pros and cons but we can always analyze them to make the best decision.

Pack your artwork by yourself

  • Make a list of all of the artwork you need to move
  • gather supplies for packing
  • take the time to do it
  • make sure to get insurance

It’s crucial to inventory all of the artwork and valuables that need to be packed with special care. Gather the necessary supplies and take the time to do it. Most of the time simple cardboard boxes just won’t be enough. Try to find tougher, specialized boxes for transporting artwork.  Cardboard boxes of different shapes and sizes will be needed. For paintings and prints, special painting boxes must be used. Be sure to pack artwork in slightly larger boxes so you can fill them with protective filling when packing. This means that you should also acquire thick and thin foam for protection, bubble wrap, peanut styrofoam protection and shredded paper as a box filing. All of these will provide extra protection to the artwork.

Wooden pallet with 11 cardboard boxes.
Artwork requires special packaging

Try to use foam and corner protectors generously to avoid any damage Especially if you need to protect glass-covered paintings or prints. Try to tape over the glass in an X pattern to prevent the glass from sliding and possibly damaging paintings if broken. Sculptures can be particularly difficult to pack. They are both fragile and have irregular shapes or are of fragile materials that make them highly breakable in multiple points. That kind of artwork must be secured individually bearing in mind that we have to protect the most vulnerable points of the artwork in the best possible way. That said for some sculpture even cardboard won’t be enough so, usually, this kind of artwork requires the use of special crates and boxes for transport.

Hire professionals to pack your artwork

You should be aware that no matter how you pack your artwork the risk will always be present. The stress will always follow the moving of valuable items such as artwork. But, even if we can’t eliminate it, we can decrease it. When moving we should find a professional moving company that takes extra care and has experience in moving artwork. We should also try to pick movers that provide extra insurance when handling valuables.

The other option seems more reasonable in a number of ways. As opposed to packing the artwork ourselves we can always find a moving company that provides that service. This option also comes with a couple of positive aspects. First of all hiring, a professional saves us the time because packing of valuables is always very time-consuming.  Professionals have the practice, experience, and skill to pack the artwork faster and in a better, safer way. Professionals also have in mind all of the requirements for safer transport and pack the artwork accordingly.

Drawing of a moving truck, movers with boxes, draving of shiping line between 2 houses and a mover delivering a box to satissfied owner
Specialized movers will have your artwork packed and shipped with minimal risk

When deciding on the mover and doing market research, the question of packing artwork should always be especially analyzed. Most reputable movers offer special service in packing and preparing artwork for moving. They also provide insurance based on the value of items they move. Always try to:

  • Investigate online and learn from the experience of others
  • Make an inventory and a schedule
  • Categorize and try to donate or sell things you don’t need
  • Organize your move and the moving company
  • Plan a perfect date for the move.


How to Move Your Artwork?

Be very careful and do your research. Make a precise plan and stick to it, gather supplies and pack. Also, try to research as many professional moving companies as you can. Especially when moving artwork research the movers and try to find movers that specialize in moving art and valuables, that have experience and provide sufficient guarantee and insurance. They might be more expensive but a reputable, licensed mover will have your valuables in good hands. That will be a sure way to relieve moving stress and the stress of moving irreplaceable artwork.

Well now that you know what is important when moving artwork you can start planning. You can do additional research but it all comes to these 5 tips:

  • Plan your move (good plan can prevent costly mistakes and artwork damage)
  • Plan a perfect moving day (so you can take part and coordinate – gives you a peace of mind)
  • Choose your movers wisely (find an experienced, reputable and certified moving company)
  • Get insurance – get extra artwork insurance 
  • Do not do it yourself (let professionals pack your art, load, unload, unpack – minimize the risk)

So now you can start your move. These tips will help you but be aware that to minimize stress the risk of artwork damage (and minimize your stress level) you have to do your research, take extra care and hire professionals to help.

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