Miami family moving to NJ – top 3 counties to check out

A Miami family moving to NJ.

If you are organizing a Miami family moving to NJ, the first step is to choose the right location for you and your kids. A place that is safe enough so they can play outside, a place with good schools and a lot of other kids. Leaving Florida for NJ is a big change, starting from the weather to nature and lifestyle.

Relocating from Florida to New Jersey is not a simple project, you will need the right help and a guide to follow. First, research online for the best places in NJ where to move to and if you are able, visit some of them.

Miami family moving to NJ

What is the easiest way to move long distance, from state to state? Moving with a professional company is one of the best choices in this situation. But, it is not the only problem. You will need to move within the state too. So, explore movers from New Jersey and team up with experienced people that already know the area. Get recommendations, research online, read online moving reviews, get a moving estimate from a couple of companies, and then decide.

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Choose a place with good schools, affordable housing, and a low crime rate

The list of 3 best counties in NJ for families

To make choosing a little bit easier, we have separated 3 top counties in New Jersey for raising kids. NJ has 21 counties and it is hard to separate only 3 of them. But, check out these 3 places and consider them as your future home.


Somerset is a great place for families with kids because the public schools are highly rated, you have plenty of outdoor activities to try, it is diverse and affordable. The crime rate is low in this area, so you won’t worry a lot about kids’ safety. Some of the best places in Somerset county for families are Bernards Township, Bedminster Township, Hillsborough Township, and Bradley Gardens.

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Explore NJ before you move there for good with your family


Living in Hudson County is definitely not boring. It has a lot of bars, restaurants, parks, and other amenities where you can spend your free time with kids. It has both, good schools for kids, and amazing life for parents. After all, you are coming from Miami, known as a fun place. Your only job will be to find crews in the area to help you settle in Hudson County and to spend time with your family exploring your new home town.


Middlesex County is definitely a good place for kids and one of the reasons for that is that it has a very good school system. When moving with kids, include your kids in the moving process so they won’t be sad and nervous. After moving, Middlesex has a lot of fun things to offer to kids where they can play and have fun. Spend time together as a family, after all, the Miami family moving to NJ is a big change.

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