Leaving New Jersey for a job in Florida – relocation checklist

A woman showing a relocation checklist for leaving New Jersey for a job in Florida

The thought of moving from one state to another can give you chills even though staying within the same state technically. Planning and organizing an interstate relocation can be as daunting as any other relocation. It’s well-known that people have been leaving New Jersey for a job in Florida for quite some time. You being among them, now wonder how to prep up. As to what your checklist for the moving day should look like, we’ll answer right away!

Get a free estimate

It’s no wonder that the number of New Yorkers wanting to move to Florida is in constant increase, but before they get to start making money, like anyone else, they need to make a budget plan. In this, getting a free moving estimate is invaluable.

Create a budget when leaving New Jersey for a job in Florida

After estimating the moving cost, consider other moving expenses. Furthermore, there are expenses for a new home and everyday expenses. It’s wise to gather as much money as you can when leaving NJ in search of a job in Florida.

A wallet signifying the importance of making a budget plan before leaving New Jersey for a job in Florida
Saving up on time is crucial with all moves.


It goes without saying that you need to ask around to know what to expect regarding costs of living, taxes, and other expenses. NJ and the Sunshine State might be part of the same state but can be different as chalk and cheese in some terms.

Leaving New Jersey for a job in Florida is a big step

There are many people you should let know you’re moving from New Jersey to Florida for a job. You should notify your:

  • employer and request time off work for the moving day
  • bank, post office, etc. 
  • children’s school and ask for their school records 
  • doctor and ask for medical records
  • neighbors (reserve an elevator)
  • friends and say goodbye before leaving NJ for a job in Florida

Flocking from New Jersey to Florida for financial relief requires a plan on that side. If shooting high, check out the best Florida cities for start-up companies now! Obviously, you’ll have to find a school for your kids before the move and take care of many other crucial things. 

Prep up!

Moving experts at Gibraltar Van Lines suggest that preparation is the most important step when it comes to relocation. Preparing for relocation can be broken down into a few steps:

  • decluttering
  • finding proper packing supplies and materials
  • packing and labeling boxes
  • creating an inventory list

Browse miamimovingguide.com for obtaining more information on either of these steps.

Find the right moving company

Before moving from NJ to Florida due to better job opportunities, gather information in advance on would-be movers. Research them on the internet, check if they’re insured, ask them essential questions, etc

The process of moving as represented in the picture
Hiring movers is a must when leaving NJ for a job in Florida.

Good luck moving to Florida

As you’ll see, leaving New Jersey for a job in Florida is the best decision you could make, and you’ll find out that Florida is great in many other respects as well.


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