Leaving Miami for Santa Fe – Why should local movers help you settle into your new home

The map of New Mexico and surrounding states.

Every move is difficult because you need to invest your time into organizing it and spend even more time executing the plan. If you have decided on leaving the humid Miami climate for the dry climate of Santa Fe we are here to help you have a successful move. We will advise you on how to tackle this interstate move and turn leaving Miami for Santa Fe into an enjoyable adventure.

Why is leaving Miami for Santa Fe a good decision?

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico, also known as “the Land of Enchantment” for its beautiful desert landscapes and mountains. The climate in Santa Fe is dry, and it has on average 280 days of sun a year. All year long you can buy great products at your local farmer markets, they are especially known for their great green chilies.

Santa Fe has a great art scene. Every year in autumn there is a contemporary art festival, which gathers great artists from all around the world, and the local community. Besides the visual art festival, Santa Fe hosts a music festival – Santa Fe Opera. The music festival takes place in the Crosby Theater. There are a lot of places for outdoorsy people. On the east Santa Fe is bordered by Santa Fe National Forest, where you can hike. In the city, you have Santa Fe Railyard Park, which is a central communal spot for the citizens of Santa Fe. There you can come with your family and have a picnic, ride bikes or see great modern art.

people sitting on the grass and relaxing
Santa Fe is perfect for outdoorsy people.

But if the before-mentioned facts about Santa Fe don’t make you want to move there immediately, we believe the next fact will. The traffic in Santa Fe is great, get out of Miami, and the horrible traffic jams. Enjoy life again cruising the streets of Santa Fe. We hope that we have shown you the benefits of Santa Fe, and if you decided to move there, contact the experts at santafestoragellc.com to assist you in orchestrating and conducting your relocation.

The plan for moving from Miami to Santa Fe

The stress of the move can be avoided if you just get busy making a plan for your relocation from Miami to Santa Fe. Every great plan should start with a good checklist. Here is a list of things that the checklist should contain, and then an explanation of each part of the list:

Two persons working at their laptops and making a plan fpr leaving Miami for Santa Fe.
Make a plan and prepare properly for your move.

Doing research

There are three types of moves; local, intrastate and interstate. Depending on what type of move you are involved in, you should adjust your research accordingly. Since we are leaving Miami, Florida to Santa Fe, New Mexico, we are doing an interstate move, so we will be gathering information for that type of move. An interstate relocation usually involves driving long distances, and that also is true in this instance. The distance between Miami and Santa Fe is over 1950 miles, and that is a 28-hour drive.

Now that we know how long it will take us to transport our things from Miami to Santa Fe, we recommend hiring movers for an interstate relocation. Doing it alone is too difficult, and it will be a strain on your finances and your nerves. Therefore, we have to research moving companies. We recommend hiring a reliable moving company that will make your cross-state move crisp. Check the quotas and reviews of as many moving companies as you can, so you can compare them and chose the best option for your budget. When you decided on the moving company, book them on a weekday if it aligns with your plan. If you book a company on a weekday you can save some money and maybe get a discount.

Hiring the right local movers can help you settle in your new home

As we said before, hiring movers for an interstate relocation can reduce stress and be cheaper. This is also true for local movers. There are parts of a move that local movers can help you with and make your life easier. Thus, reach out to teams nearby and you will not have to worry about:

  • Supplying the packing materials
  • Taking your furniture apart
  • Secure and organized packing and unpacking

Supplying the packing material

Local movers will provide all of the packing materials. They will get the right boxes, tape, dolly for moving the boxes, cushioning, and everything extra that you need to keep your belongings secure. This will save you time and stress of looking up stores for the best and cheapest supplies.

Taking your furniture apart

They will disassemble your large furniture fully or partly. Secure it with the appropriate cushioning so it doesn’t get broken while transporting. At the end of the move, they will reassemble it. That all comes with hiring a reliable local mover.

The interior of a living room.
Professional movers will take good care of your belongings.

Secure and organized packing and unpacking

Packing is the most labor-intensive part of the move, thus, trained professionals should be hired to help you with leaving Miami for Santa Fe. Professional packers will pack up everything neatly without wasting any space. They will secure all of your belongings, from bigger less breakable stuff to a little more fragile stuff. Most importantly, trained packers will do it faster than you, saving you from a lot of headaches and hard work. Packers will handle everything involving packing even loading and unloading the truck. When you finally arrive at your home they will also unpack your stuff. It won’t take you days or even weeks to unpack, your new house will feel like home immediately. You will restart your daily activities asap.

Settling in in your new home in Santa Fe

We have gone through all of the aspects of your interstate move when leaving Miami for Santa Fe. If you have done everything correctly, hired the right cross-state movers and local movers to assist you in your relocation, the only thing you need to do is relax in your new home.

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