The top 10 questions you should ask your mover

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When you are moving it is normal to be full of questions. If you are hiring movers they are the ones in charge of your move, because they know how to do their job. Your job is to pack as much as you can and wait for them to come and help you with all the rest. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should just stand there and watch. If there is something that doesn’t suits you always say or ask them anything that comes to your mind. However, there are questions that you should ask them before even hiring them. Here you will find the top 10 questions you should ask your mover, before and after you hire them. And for more information make sure to check out Capital City Movers NYC.

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Make a good choice when choosing a movers company

One of the questions you should ask your mover is

One of the ten questions you should ask your mover is not the most important one but you should have the answer mainly because of your budget. Maybe the first thing that you should ask the potential mover company that you think about hiring is, how much will their service cost you? Also, once they tell you the price that you can probably find online as well, but you should definitely ask, you should see what are the conditions of payment that they accept? Maybe you can pay for their service with checks, credit cards or similar. You should never opt for the cheapest mover’s company just because they are the cheapest. Be very careful, because there are a lot of frauds and sometimes they present very low prices so that you hire them. That is why there are these questions that you should make sure to ask them

Questions you should ask your mover are very important
You need to know the price of their moving service and the way of payment

Second and third question

When hiring movers’ questions are a must. As mentioned before you should ask them absolutely everything you need to know in order for you to hire them. Movers are all the help you can use when transferring your belongings and the safest one. So, make sure to ask them is there any special way that you should pack your belongings in order for them to transfer it easier. For example, ask them how should you pack your fragile items, are there any special boxes? This question is relevant because if you pack by their instruction chances are that nothing will get broken.

Next question you should ask, as we are already mentioning packing materials is will they be able to rent you some moving blankets. Moving blankets can come really handy when packing and buying them is not a good option because you will probably won’t be needing them for some time. Usually, you can just rent them at a reasonable price from your movers.

Fourth and fifth

Once you have figured out the way of payment with your movers’ company next thing that you should find out is what exactly are you paying for. It is very important to know what exactly goes into that price that you are paying, the last thing you want is some additional expenses that you are not aware of. On the other hand, you can be nicely surprised by getting maybe moving blankets to use for free or similar. This is something you are ought to find out. Another question would be is there any way that you can be in touch with the movers while they are moving you. This is something that you should ask because obviously you won’t be in the van with them and you may want to know how far are they from your new place. To sum it up so far:

  • Ask for the price
  • Ways of packing
  • Can you rent from them some moving blankets?
  • What goes under the price you are paying (are there any hidden costs)
  • Can you be in touch with them during the transfer?

Sixth and seventh question

So far, we went through five very important questions you should ask your mover. However, there are some questions that can be even more relevant than the ones we asked so far. A question like do they have a license? This question may be the most important one. Because based on this question you will decide whether you should hire them or not. Even if their answer is yes, they need to be convincing. Check online and see if that is the truth. One more thing to ask them is if they can provide you with some reference. If they cannot do so, there are ways to find out on your own their references. Check out some reviews online. However, it would be the best if they provide with those references themselves. Finding good movers shouldn’t be hard nowadays.

Eight and ninth

One of the questions that you may find useful for asking them is can they even move you? This is a question you should ask in case that you have some special move ahead of you. For example, if you are moving from the last floor of the building and the elevator is broken for years, or something similar. You cannot hire them without knowing those important facts. Let’s not forget to ask them are they moving long-distance? Of course, this is another question that you should ask in case that you are moving to another state, etc.

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Ask everything you want to know more about

Last but not least

We are now at the question number ten. You may find it relevant or not, either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask. How long will do move take? Do you have some time limitation? Because sometimes when people are moving from one rented apartment to other dates need to match, and it is important to move from the old apartment on time. Also, you don’t want your items to travel forever.

Moving can be stressful, so you can remove some stress by asking your movers the right questions. If they are the right movers with who you should work with, then they will be more then happy to answer your questions. They can be even someone who can help when you decide to change your office address for example. They can be a true help during the move. Questions you should ask your mover are not always the same. It all depends on your needs. However, these questions are some of the questions that you should know the answers to.

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