Vintage furniture lover’s guide to moving house

An image of vintage furniture, read our guide to moving hosue with such furniture

When you are moving, there are a lot of tasks that require your full attention. From planning your move to finding the right movers to assist with your relocation. But when you have antique furniture to move, it takes the first place compared to other relocation tasks. Miami Moving Guide can help you with our vintage furniture lover’s guide to moving house. Let’s see how you should deal with your antique furniture to ensure it arrives in perfect condition in your new place. 

Cleaning your vintage furniture 

It does not matter if you are moving into a family house or a small studio apartment – clean your furniture correctly before you move it. Cleaning old furniture is not as simple as getting a rag and cleaning solutions and rubbing it. Since wood is very delicate, you need to use a very light cleaner, your best choice is a mild soap, and then you should dilute it in water. Another good option is to use white vinegar and water to clean your wood furniture. When you have your cleaning solutions, here is what you should do: 

  • First, wipe down the vintage furniture with a soft cloth and the cleaning solution;
  • Second, use a soft-bristle brush to clean the tough spots;
  • Third; use an old toothbrush to get into the nooks;
  • Finally, applies polish to the furniture to make it shine.
person wearing glove holding spray bottle
Vintage furniture is fragile, so be delicate while cleaning it.

When you complete the cleaning, you can look for movers to help move your furniture. Many companies handle your furniture with care – Pricing Van Lines is one of them, but do more research to find the perfect movers for your furniture. 

The guide to moving house recommends you disassemble your antique furniture 

To prepare your things for relocation, you need to disassemble them. The same applies to your old furniture, but it needs even more care. Before you even begin the disassembling process, you need the right tools. Do not start anything without a hammer, screwdriver, and a wrench. When you have the tools ready, empty all the furniture and begin the disassembly. Start with the joints first and be gentle. If you need a lot of force to break it apart, you should skip that piece. Take apart only those pieces which are not resisting a lot. 

image of tools
The guide to moving house with your vintage furniture suggests you use proper tools to disassemble your valuable pieces.

Packing the furniture 

When the disassembly is complete, you need to pack the antique furniture. You need to take good care of your pieces so wrap your wooden furniture correctly before putting it in the moving van. To secure wooden furniture, you need furniture pads, moving blankets, and bubble wrap. Do not wrap your furniture with bubble wrap first or any plastic because it traps humidity, and humidity is the number one enemy of old wooden furniture. Start with furniture pads or moving blankets and finish with bubble wrap. 

You are ready to move vintage furniture 

To ensure your antique furniture arrives safely at the final destination, follow our guide to moving house, and you will not have a problem. Soon enough both you and your vintage furniture will be in your new home.

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