Is moving to NYC for you?

a street in NYC

At one point in our lives, we all thought about moving to NYC. It’s one of the biggest and wildest cities in the world, so who wouldn’t want to live there? But not everyone understands that New York isn’t for everyone. In order to move to New York from another city, you need to be ready to do a lot of adjusting. The NYC lifestyle is like no other and it isn’t easy for everyone to get used to it. So if you are seriously thinking about moving to NYC, ask yourself if moving to NYC is the right option even for you. Here are some facts about NYC that you have to be aware of.

New York is very big

By saying that New York is very big, we mean very very big. Huge, in fact. People who are born in NY don’t even know the whole city. This is something that people from smaller towns have a hard time understanding. If you are from a small town, you probably know the name of every street, you know all the bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels there. That is simply impossible in New York. Even the people who move around the city every day, taxi drivers, for example, don’t know everything.

a birdview of NYC by night which makes moving to NYC so appealing
New York is so big that even the people who have lived there their whole lives don’t know the whole city.

New York is very expensive

If you want to live in New York you need a lot of money and a well-paid job. Otherwise, it’s hardly possible. Everything in New York costs a lot and the taxes are high too. So if you want to move to New York, you should start saving up. And try to have a budget-friendly move. So do your best to search for cheap moving companies in Queens, NY or any other parts of New York that you will be moving to.

NYC is not as they present it in movies

People imagine New York to be this beautiful, big city where everything is possible. Don’t get us wrong, it is a beautiful, big city where everything is possible but it is also something else. It’s very dirty. Try keeping such a busy city clean all the time. It’s impossible. There are always so many people on the streets. It’s always crowded. There is traffic everywhere. To someone who imagines NYC to be all luxurious, this is shocking. It is true that there are good neighborhoods in NYC but those neighborhoods are very expensive.

Moving to NYC means seeing tourists everywhere.

New York is a very famous city. It’s also a famous travel destination for people all over the world. Everyone wants to get a taste of New York at some point in their life. Also, New York truly is a concrete jungle. Nevertheless, tourists are everywhere. Times Square, Central Park, Manhattan. You name it, you will find tourists. This is one of the main reasons why New York is crowded and busy all the time. But this makes it the top US city for singles. Because in New York, you can meet anyone from anywhere in the world.

Times Square
Anywhere you go, you will find tourists.

It’s a very fast city

If you can’t keep up with the fast lifestyle, moving to NYC is definitely not for you. NYC is one of the fastest cities in the world. Everyone is constantly busy or rushing somewhere. But social life is still thriving in New York. Bars and restaurants are full every evening with both NYC’s residents and tourists. People in New York love having a drink or two and then going to a club. Can you blame them? It’s a well-known fact that New York has the best nightlife. So, if you are someone who lives for going out and partying, call your respectable movers and move. DA Moving NYC is a company that will make your wish come true. All you need to do is schedule your move right away. New York is expecting you!

Bad weather spoils the fun

When you live in New York, you have to be prepared for bad weather all the time. No matter what time of the year it is. New York is a city by the ocean and oceans are very unpredictable. A small cloud can carry a lot of rain. It’s very important to realize that there are a lot of storms in New York during fall and winter. Tornadoes and tsunamis are things that happen almost every year in New York.

You will have to use public transport all the time

In order to avoid the horrible traffic, you will have to use public transport all the time. Unfortunately, public transport in New York isn’t the best one you can find. It’s very dirty with a lot of unpleasant smells. You will either have to get used to this or spend a lot of time in traffic sitting in your car. And taxis in NYC are very expensive. A lot of people have started using Lyft and Uber to get o places but in New York, you never know when a traffic jam will occur.

public transport
You will have to rely on public transport to get you to places.


New York isn’t for everyone even though it’s big enough for everyone who wants to come. It’s a very unique city. It’s wild and it’s calm, it can be majestic and it can be horrible. One moment you can be sitting in Centar Park and enjoying the sunny day and the next you could be completely wet because of the unexpected rain. It’s an unpredictable city. So if you are thinking about moving to NYC, figure out whether you will be able to handle everything that comes with the NYC lifestyle. If the answer is yes, get down to organizing your relocation. Maybe you can make an eco-friendly move this time. what do you say?

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