How to keep your kids safe from Coronavirus when moving from California to Florida

Corona cell.

The Coronavirus has put a stop to most of the normal activities and routines for most of the world. Its effect is grand. It is disrupting normal life, business, and all of the regular activities. Social distancing, health protection precautions, and even lockdowns are making life and business complicated. It seems that in worst-case scenarios only essential services still function. For many states, this is the case with moving. In this situation, people tend to put off their relocation. However many people don’t have that luxury. Their lease is up or they must move for a new job and their moving schedule is not that flexible. This is when moving during Coronavirus becomes an issue. How to stay protected and how to keep your kids safe from Coronavirus become the most important questions about your move.

Moving from California to Florida – how to keep your kids safe?

Your California to Florida move is and an interstate move that is riddled with questions, problems, and issues that cause stress. Moving interstate is complicated and the Coronavirus issue makes it even more difficult. Interstate moves have always considered the involvement of professional movers to make the move efficient and successful. In the Coronavirus situation, this professional help is even more important. In this case, you are in need of experienced professionals who know the route and can execute the move quickly, easily, and safely while implementing all of the coronavirus safety measures. This is imperative for your move and for keeping your kids safe during the move. Also, seasoned professionals will handle your move professionally and safely so you can relax and be less stressed.

A doctor holding a protective face mask gloves making you remeber how to protect your kids during a move.
Make sure you prepare for the move during the Coronavirus pandemic.

What to know

Moving from California to Florida is hard enough even without the Coronavirus. In this situation, it may seem impossible to manage. However, it is doable if you get informed. This information will help you stay organized and safe. Make sure not to panic and to research the risks and the ways to protect yourself. This is the key to keeping your family and kids safe. So make sure that you are informed and keep in mind

  • The virus is contagious
  • It is easily transmitted
  • Keep your distance
  • Be careful and use protection

You must also know that your move will be difficult to execute during this pandemic. Many states have put the moving industry to a halt. So you must get informed whether the moving services a5re in function. also, find out which states and cities are restricting movement. Many movers, SOS Moving Los Angeles included are having difficulties organizing their activities in certain parts of the US due to these issues. So you must know in advance what is possible and what is not. you should also know just how to handle your move to ensure that your kids are safe.

The only true way to protect yourself is to keep a social distancing. However, that is not possible during the move. So, taking extra care and insuring protection is a necessity. Take your time to do things right and to keep your kids and family safe. You must

  • Be careful during the move
  • Be Careful when choosing movers
  • Avoid contact – keep your distance
  • Respect the quarantine.

Be careful during the move

Make sure to pack our belongings so that it is protected and to avoid contamination. Disinfect your belongings and place the boxes near the exit. This will help you avoid too many people entering and possibly caring about the virus inside. Keep the kids away from the mover and safe from the virus. Always use gloves and masks and make sure that everyone gets, and uses protective gear. Disinfect the boxes with your belongings and also disinfect the room that the movers have entered.

Choose movers

Make sure to choose the right movers that can handle your relocation professionally. Reputable movers and professionals have adopted the measure and routines to execute the relocation safely in these conditions. Their workers are equipped and use masks, gloves, and disinfectants to minimize the risk of Covid-19. Also, make sure that your kids stay out of their way for both efficient moving and safety reasons.

Social distance sign
Social distancing is key so make sure you are at least 3 feet away from each other

Keep distance

Keep your distance from the movers. One of the best strategies to minimize contact is to carry all of your belongings close to the door. In this way, you minimize the need for movers to enter every room in the house or apartment. You will also minimize the contact and the opportunity to get infected. The kids should stay away from the whole process. Also, make sure that you complete the packing process well ahead of time to make the loading of boxes and bags quick with minimal contact.


Make sure to follow the rules and respect the quarantine. If you have any suspicion that you may have Coronavirus then postpone the move. Stay in quarantine to protect everyone involved. Also, try to properly clean and disinfect everything that the mover will come in contact with. In this way, you will be following the rules and protecting everyone. 

Word of caution

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is clear that any moving process should be canceled or postponed if possible. The virus spreads easily and everyone, especially the elderly and children is at risk. This means that moving is not advisable. Especially if your family has members that are a high-risk group the move should be canceled. However, if you must move make sure to follow all of the health guidelines and advice. Keep your distance, take care of hygiene, and disinfect often. Also, make sure to prepare and protect your children in the whole process.

A woman sanitizing her hands
Be responsible and keep disinfecting for protection

So a move in the time of Cortona is not advisable but it is doable. You must know that the movers have adapted to the new situation. Quality movers will also be prepared for the new situation and ready to help and guide you through the process. So, get informed and prepare well and you will be able to move safely and protect your children in the process.

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